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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. ITZ is definitely my fave Britney album, but I think MATM is my least favourite song on it (except Early Mornin')

    It's a fine song, but it's really nothing special. I did love the choreo for it though, the SNL performance of it was so bad ass.

    I think Toxic should have been the first single and BOM should have been the 4th instead of Outrageous.
  2. Yeah but not worldwide, and BOM' lyrics were way to racy to work and I doubt it would have been successful worldwide.

    It's just a coma inducing song...
  3. Wasn't she blacklisted on many radio stations though?
  4. The U.S. is her homemarket, and the region she should be concerned with first and foremost. U.S. flop = flop for Britney.
  5. 'Me Against the Music' has a great title, a half-good video (the Britney parts), and it lent itself to some awesome performances. But if you strip everything away and just listen to the song, it's not one of Britney's best. Enjoyable maybe, but she's done far superior work both before and after.
  6. But Britney is an international popstar, this isn't Kelly Rowland were talking about(random comparison but just bare with me haha)...

    In the end MATM still ended up being the most successful female single of that year...
  7. Outrageous had to be released as a single since she worked with R. Kelly and that was the agreement for doing so.
  8. She should really stop getting herself into those binds...Radar, I'm looking at you, too.
  9. Early Mornin is atrocious...but the version on B In The Mix in sublime!!
  10. It may not have a hit in the US but as her first co wrote song released and it did fairly well, better than her Britney album era.
  11. True, but be thankful that Britney fought for MATM as the lead single and not Outrageous which JIVE wanted instead!?

    Radar is all The Clutch's fault not B&A. Idiots.
  12. And 35 is hardly a flop considering she was barely doing damage without digital sales back's not like it was teetering outside the Hot 100.
  13. D -TO DA- E -TO DA- L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L
  14. Don't make me start posting MATM receipts.......

    It did amazingly well, the US is not the end of the world considering it went Top 5 in virtually every country is charted in. It is one thing if it did average internationally as well..but it did not.
  15. I think I would've preferred Me Against The Music to be that song on the album that was never released as a single, but you totally wish it had been, a la Breakin' Dishes. I like the song, but I don't think it should have been a single (nor should Outrageous). It would've benefited a lot from the status of "hidden gem".
  16. 35 isn't a hit by anyone's standards, much less Britney's.
  17. ITZ would have been perfect if this was the release schedule:

    01 Toxic (worldwide smash much?)
    02 Showdown
    03 Everytime
    04 Me Against The Music
  18. It's okay everyone, we're all pretty.

    Personally, I've grown to like "Me Against The Music" more over time, and the rapid-fire rap IS fervently epic.

    HOWEVUH..."Breathe On Me" is sexonstick, and would have made an amazing single. Think of the video: Britney fucking her boyfriend in one posh apartment while fantasizing about the hot guy she's been having a Rear Window-esque affair with simply by watching him across the balcony.

    Talk about album track...
  19. Now that would have been a PERFECT ERA...oh wait mmhmm

    *I'm so bored at work ughh..this thread is keeping me alive*
  20. Not Showdown! That song is boring.

    My ITZ perfect singles would of been

    The Hook Up
    Breathe on Me
    Touch of My Hand
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