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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    01 Toxic
    02 Everytime
    03 Outrageous
    04 Breathe On Me

    Touch Of My Hand (selected markets)
    Early Morning (selected markets my house - my fave Britney slowy)

    Me Against The Music
    Free CD with ITZ Pizza at Spargo and not on the album AT ALL.
  2. No one would be coming to your house if Early Morning was would have been real lonely.

    Toxic was so overlooked at the Grammys (Best Dance Recording big fucking whoop), her whole album was......
  3. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I'd go lonely for Early Morning, one of the best tracks, ever. Seriously.
  4. Look out for something special Britney has done for brand new 'X' magazine - first issue out on Tuesday! 34 minutes ago via web

    Little but great!


    she's reffering to the new X Factor magazine that is launching this month, it's named "X-Magazine"
  5. I'll come to the party, love Early Mornin', such an underrated track! I love her vocals on it and Penelope's rapping. It just works!

    Here's how it should have gone:

    1. Toxic
    2. Hook Up / MATM
    3. Everytime
    4. Outrageous (it had to be released, as agreed with R Kelly)

    5. Early Mornin' / Touch of my hand / Breathe on me - Radio releases to different countries.
  6. By Annie and SE-B standards thats huge. *I LOVE THEM BOTH ANYWAY*
  7. I wonder what it could be about...
  8. I love 'Early Mornin''! It's filthy and dark.
  9. I think Outrageous is one of the worst things she's ever recorded. It would have killed her career right there had she released it as the lead to In The Zone.
  10. And that's why we love Britney and fighting her label to release certain songs. Make me love Britney even more <3
  11. I love In The Zone era the way it is yes Me Against The Music isn't the best song ever but it s strong enough to be a lead single. I just can't imagine Toxic being the lead single as much as i love it, but without it being the second single the album wouldn't have a longevity, like Toxic kept the interest in the album. If it comes to me i would have left the single choices the way it is adding touch of my hand as a fifth single.
  12. ^^I really agree with you g.britney, it was the perfect choice to release a Madonna featured song first and then Toxic (fortunately not I Got That Boom Boom!). Sometimes it's better to release the real 'gem' of and album as second single and to have a lead single which is a bit weaker (which will often be purchased anyway, since it's not already available on an album).

    Early Mornin' = amazing.
  13. Early Morning is brilliant. I love the remix of it on B In The Mix as well, but it's a bit 'loud' sounding, if that makes sense?
  14. Early Mornin' is one of the top 5 or 6 songs on In The Zone; however, it's not one of her best. That being said, it's a great album track and has a nice vibe to it. It's Blur's older sister, if that makes sense.

    As a rule, I generally hate remixes, but I like the EM remix from the remix album.
  15. The remix on that album is really amazing, making it more uptempo!
  16. I'm really thinking they will announce the ifrst single like one week after the VMAs. Just let the "she didn't perform at the VMAS! I hate her" wave die down and then hit us with it...
  17. I giggled ALOT at that video.
  18. GaGa is my most favourite person in the whole wide world, but i could'nt help but laugh at the video, and know i feel guilty with myself.
  19. I don't know why I posted it here, sorry guys. Should have gone to the Gaga topic.
  20. ....And that has to WHAT with 'Britney Spears'.
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