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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Can't believe this thread was nearly off page 2. Shocking.

    Anyway, new Britney song leak tonight?

    Here we go...
  2. And it starts.

    Not sure, I am a bit weary with these so called leaks. I wouldn't be surprised if it's an unreleased single that didn't make one of her albums. Plus I hate when they say join to gain more followers. I mean do they not know we can just unfollow them???

    She's also meant to be perfomring or attending the POP party right?
  3. just another attention whore who wants followers, I think...
  4. A US and an international single? Released in the first few months of next year and leaking now? Not buying it.
  5. I am so over Britney Spears.
  6. Dag


  7. I was always over Robyn, so it's cool.
  8. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I hope she's getting fit at the moment. I want her non stop work work working for a full 12-18 month campaign. We're talking ready to drop. I want her to really graft for her fans like she used to. promo promo promo interview interview interview shoots shoots shoots performances performances performances...4-5 singles with amazing videos she has spent a minmum of 2 days on set for each etc. Regular twitter updates aswell please! Connect with your fans again Britney!
  9. There was rumours but the party was yesterday as far as I know and Britney wasn't in attendance.
  10. Apparently it's 'All The Way' they're going to leak?

    That was turned down from Circus. Dr. Luke and Cathy Dennis track. Could they have been saving it for the next studio album?
  11. They said the producer was Chris Braide, he's worked with Cathy Dennis before, so could be...
  12. The Sun have an interview with that bodyguard. It's amazing that, as his case gets weaker and weaker, he suddenly comes out with worse accusations...

    All The Way? She got as far as recording that last time, didn't she? It could just be that version. I hope they're not leaking already this far away from release...
  13. Yeah that bodyguard is saying he's not doing it for the money, but coming out with this and that, when you got shot down the first time just makes him even more desparate. Glad Britney and co are doing something, it's about time all these allegations are shot down.

    I am reading that it's not All The Way and it's just one song title. Place your bets guys:

    a. It's a britney impersonator
    b. An unreleased song that didn't make the album
    c. It's something we've already heard
  14. If it's an unreleased song with one word then hopefully 'Abroad'. I'm shocked they didn't put that or 'Take The Bait' on the singles collection.
  15. They are posting lyrics in a while, so that should give us a clue. Brit fans get ready...
  16. I hope that we're back to a "Blackout"-style era, where almost every day leading up to the album release we got a new leak. She's a "Tracks"-artist anyway, which is why waiting for an album is unnecessary. That was an awesome time for us Britney-fans (musically speaking). Whatever happened to high-profile leaks anyway? This years we got almost nothing and iLeaks turned out be such a sham.

    The accusation of her masturbating in front of that bodyguard is hilarious. It makes you wonder though, why all of her ex-employees have said that she's an exhibitionist who likes to walk around the house butt-naked, or who leaves the bathroom door open when she's inside of it etc.
  17. hate that the shitty bodyguard bullshit made the front page!
  18. The Blackout era tracks were leaked because of Sam, hence why all the songs leaked were nearly the same for the album.

    Some tracks have leaked post Circus like Dramatic (Official Demo), Mad Love, Telephone, When I Say So etc.

    This bodyguard lost creditibility when the child abuse claims were dismissed. Douche.
  19. I don't want the songs to leak. What I think they should do is release between 1 & 3 songs to itunes in the weeks leading up to the single like Katy perry & the Black Eyed Peas did. That way, we can get a taste of the album without getting it all.
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