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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. @Luis_Eduardo_ mid-to-uptempo - the same tempo as Party In The USA

    not sure what effect this has on me to be honest. aha.
  2. I'm sorry, but who is Sam?
  3. I don't want any new Britney song to leak.

    Leaks kill the old-fashioned anticipation for an album. Remember back when everyone was dying to buy the cd and listen to it for the first time?

    I know it is impossible today because as soon as the album is delivered to stores somewhere, it leaks, but I don't like when it leaks like a month before release.
  4. Sam Lufti, Britney's so called manager during Blackout. He leaked the tracks that were going to be on Blackout, hence why they had to release the album earlier. As much as I loved the demos, it spoiled listening to Blackout for me a little bit.
  5. Sam Lutfi who was Britney's "manager" for a while. Her family took out a restraining order against him because he was a bad influence... to put it nicely.
  6. He also just got a new restraining order against him yesterday, for terrorizing a guy's life exactly like he did to Brit's.

    He's a serial psycho, really. I think he has about 5 restraining orders against him.
  7. Agreed, it ruins it for me. Like when they leaked all the Blackout songs I was a bit gutted when listening to the album to realise they were those leaks but tweaked. Don't get me wrong the album is amazing but took the element of surprise.

    The way Britney and co have been quiet about the new album and nothing being said, shows they are really keeping a tight lid on things.
  8. My anticipation for albums is bigger now than before the internet. Back then I was like "Nice single", but didn't care much and when the album hit I got it and listened to it.

    Nowadays I'm obsessed with every little snippet of information we can squeeze out of the people involved in the making of the record and when it's out it's like the holy grail arrived.
  9. First lyric?

    I've been thinking, could this be that song Glow?
  10. Yep. Also, I think it is in part responsible on why I loved Toy Soldier so much. It was the only song I had never heard from the album. That and Freakshow. (even though Toy Soldier is amazing in every way, new or not)
  11. Just don't listen to the leaks then...?
  12. Oh... Well, now I've heard everything!
    By the way, just wanted to say that I'm new here, and I love Brit's music! Can't wait for the new album. :)
  13. i don't have such strong willpower.
  14. Britney fans are nuts.
    Posting fake demos from some shitty lowrent MySpace wannabes is enough already, but using an album track from a record that sold 10 million copies worldwide?!
  15. Not all fans, just the phycho ones! Some of them clearly do it for attention though, sigh.
  16. a britney nadine and rihanna song in 1 week would be too much for me to handle i think
  18. Haha that is crazy. Considering we also know Glow is a ballad.
  19. Does anyone know if there will be an EP of songs from the Britney episode of Glee? They did one for Madonna so I'm hoping they will for this, too. I must add it to my collection since there won't be a proper album to buy this quarter!
  20. I would assume so, they do it with every song they release.
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