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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. what time in our time will this be premiering? i'm not too smart on time zones :(
  2. Depends what your time is.

    It's 4 hours and 10 minutes left.
  3. haha of course i shouldve said im in the uk, duh! :)
    thats midnight for me anyways so im a happy bunny
  4. But they want 1000 followers before midnight.
  5. It's the first single from the next album, according to them.
  6. i'm not sure if theyll get it. the rate of followers is really slowing down now and only like 10 people have followed in the last haf an hour or so.
  7. According to them, she is releasing 2 different first singles, one in the US and the other in Europe. They have the Europe one.
  8. Sounds like a lot of effort for Britney.

    That's what they've said, nothing about two different singles.
  11. And I bet there are still people who are going to believe him despite the evidence.
  12. They just deined the buzzjack link lol.
  13. What was the buzzjack thing about? All the links are dead.
  14. Of course they would, it's not like they'd win that dumb game if they went "You got me, yeah I'm just full of shit and trying to fool gullible Britney fans into thinking I'm real. Toodles".
  15. I know, I added L O L but obviously can't put that on.
  16. Gotcha. It thought you were questioning the Buzzjack thing at first.

    Now that this chapter's done and dusted we can go back to discussing Britney again.

    The mystery 5th track on Glee could be a new song then? Do you think that would make sense from a business point of view? To promote a new single already when the album's out 2011? I guess we're going to get two singles prior to the album release then. One will be promoted from October to November, the other from December to January and we'll get the album then.
  17. Nah, just realised it when you mentioned it! Wait and see I guess, but doubt it.

    That would make sense to debut the song on Glee, but I think the album will still hit us in November or December.

    If we hear nothing about music wise in September, definitely won't be until next year.
  18. LJB


    If we have a 2010 single release, we'll have a 2010 album release. Releasing a fall single as they always do, then randomly releasing the album after Christmas makes no business sense.

    Whenever the song comes out it'll be a radio premier. Then they're get radio support and a good steady increase in plays so when the downloads explode it has a good chance of #1 and thereafter has a good chance of sticking around.
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