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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Particularly since most US radio stations play Christmas music from Thanksgiving onwards. Releasing a single at the end of the year doesn't make much sense. Either release it now for an album release at the end of the year or launch it early next year.
  2. i feel like such a fool now that my hopes are sky high... im literally counting down the seconds :( is anybody else believing it or are people just hoping to be pleasantly suprised?
  3. LJB


    I don't care.

    A fall release is soon.
    A 2010 1st/2nd quarter release is also soon.

    As long as it's good I'll happily wait. It's not like anyone expected an album so soon after Circus anyway (or 3 for that matter). This is a blessing.. from Godney (couldn't resist).
  4. Wait and see I guess. I tweeted this to Adam, Britney and Britannica but heard nowt.
  5. Ok they have 1000 followers now, got to wait until it hits 12:10 - 12:15 in the uk about a hour to go.
  6. L o l, it's Christina's Not Myself Tonight!
    I was expecting Rick Roll to be honest...
  7. Those idiots at Buzzjack. Lowers my opinion of that 'forum' even more.
  8. Was it trust worthy in the first place?
  9. No. That forum is a hell hole. The only thing worse is DenDen or Moopy.
  10. Ha it's funny that the only way to get people to listen to that song is to disguise it as a Britney track...

    But I was expecting it to be Soda Pop to be honest
  11. People actually believed a twitter account with no followers would have a Britney Spears track?

    I swear, the double standards Britney fans have...
  12. Releasing the album early next year just makes no sense. Sure the competition would be thinner, but the opening months of a new year is when labels release either unsure things or new artists' albums. Britney tacked on there just... doesn't work.
  13. Sony Music rarely release anything between December 18th and mid-January. January is pretty much a dead month for any new music - let alone an album due to the above reason, and also a majority of media outlets are also on break until early February.

    A March release doesn't sound right, and anything later seems too far away. Still confident that a Nov-Dec album release will happen.
  14. Well sorry to all those that followed them, can't complain now that they are no longer on there!


    Someone posted this on OnyxEffect, which is Corte Ellis' Demos For Britney. It sounds legit!

  15. Oh shit.....naughty fans
    by the way, you do hate the "crazy" Latin American fan lol
  16. I dislike any 'crazy' fans. It just seems that all the crazy Britney ones are from there... WE ADORE U BRITNEY!!!!!1!! CUM ARGENTINA PLZ!!!! XOXO
  17. Since you're the one who opened this topic
    Do you have any inside news to share?

    Everything seems unknow
    Britney's team is so quiet and tight

    I hate this kind of situation...
    It's annoying :'(
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