Britney Spears

Christopher said:
You know, she could have pulled off "The Flood." The verses would sound great with her voice, and even though she lacks power, her falsetto could have done the chorus justice.

I really want to hear the tracks that she did with Guy Chambers, like Sacred, free . I bet they are amazing!

She needs another ballad, because she can write some amazing ballads and use her piano skills too!
He / Him / His
Single run:
1) MASSIVE STOMPER OF A LEAD SINGLE! A song that is so inescapable you begin to hate it after hearing it at every club, on every music channel, on every radio station etc etc
2) More mid-tempo song in similar vein to 'What's My Name?'
3) The ballad! She hasn't released one since Everytime!?
Is Brit Brit Getting Another Reality Show??

Well, it can't be worse than Chaotic, right?!

Sources are reporting that Britney Jean Spears is in negotiations to headline an all new reality show about the production of her upcoming album, as well as her much-publicized personal life!


Looking at the success of the documentary made about her, For The Record, we could see why they might want to take this route!

But only if this is something that our Brit Brit wants to do, of course!

We wouldn't want this to take a toll on her health - especially with how well she's been doing as of late!

What do U think?? Should Brit Brit do a reality show??

Sounds good to me if true.
I doubt that, shes been in the making of this album for ages so it seems a bit weird to start with the making of the album now.

Unless of course they edit it as if to imply shes just starting... the general public don't really ask questions...


One new documentary, yes. Reality show, no. I hate it when artists do reality shows, it makes them seem like a sell-out and less mystical.
APC said:
ColdasFire_Baby said:
Britney Spears heads to shoot a new music video for her upcoming album in downtown Los Angeles. No word on the title of the video but Brit is sure working hard!


...Where does it say anything about a video?

Oh, and the reality show has been filed under bullshit. (thank god)

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