Britney Spears

Who says they haven’t already been planning it for months?
Nobody, it’s just an assumption based on how lazy and rushed a lot of things within Britney’s career are.

Jordan (exhale) said she “may or may not be working with the people who did Jlo’s show” and auditions are being held in the fall
According to Jordan from BH, Britney’s working with the team that did jlos all I have Vegas shows with auditions for dancers coming up in November


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Ugh the production value on this tour was next level! There was so much going on, the costumes were pretty good, Brit looked incredible and people were LIVING at each show. I will never recover from the fact that we don’t have this spectacle in professionally filmed HD.
And also BLACKOUT. I know, Ooh Ooh Baby and Hot As Ice are merged in a medley, but, still. I missed Perfect Lover and Toy Soldier too, but it's okay.