Britney Spears

Also, the cognitive dissonance of making peace with someone who actually physically abused his child, but somehow drawing the line at their mother being quirky and sexy on Instagram (both aspects of Britney’s personality they had no problem with when they could convert it to cash through her pop career).

The thing is we don't know and we can only speculate and that's exactly the issue with Kevin giving this interview to the Daily Mail of all places. He's taking things that should be dealt with within the family and making them public. But I assume the paycheck was too good, especially now that the child support gravy train is about to end.
Just when you think people couldn't steep any lower and then people show you they really can.

Sure get more money but at what cost and morals will that cost you? Scum.

I really hope her kids will side with Britney, as I am sure Britney played a long I the conservatorship for the sake of her kids.
Another reason I hope she gets to make another family for herself. Hopefully her kids will learn the truth and be on her side but they’ve grown up with K Fed and the machine so there’s no telling what they know/believe.