Britney Spears


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She's probably going to delete it in 2 minutes as she tends to do, but for what it's worth, I think that might the saddest post she's ever written.

I remember her saying in a post from a while ago that she doesn't choose to see herself as a victim, but it's hard not to feel that way from everything that's been taken from her. Her family breaking her heart is one thing, it's another thing entirely for her kids to do the same. (And I don't blame her kids for that obviously, they're surrounded by leeches too).
Well that was heartbreaking to read and I am worried about the potential consequences of posting that. I champion her voice and freedom of speech but unfortunately everything she says and does is observed under a microscope and up for scrutiny.
Personally I love the fact that she is not holding it in her anymore. She seems to be ok with most of the things. The stuff she has to deal with is sad but she really wants to be happy and at some point she is even ok with her kids' decisions although it's totally unfair. I think this is like a top level conscious and acceptance and I appreciate that.
I can't imagine how exhausting it must be for Britney to wake up and almost every day feel she has to 'clear her name' because another leech from the Spears/Federline clan is debating her motherhood, sanity or rights as a woman.

She's so strong but I don't know how much more people expect her to take.
My heart breaks for her. She literally gave everything for those kids, including her freedom since I'm certain they used them as leverage to get her to comply with things she wouldn't otherwise do and to feel that her kids don't actually care about her... so sad. I truly hope her sons can see how much she's done for them but teens can be so cruel and selfish at that age...
I really wonder how anyone can't say 'Are you crazy? The whole world knows how much your mother suffered for you, now go away!' to their kids. Like anyone: their friends, people at school, just someone to shake them. It's just crazy.

By the way I am sure Britney thinks they are old enough to put things in perspective so she feels like she did her best and now it's up to them.