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Most people wouldn’t be told that they should have clarified the knives aren’t real from the start. Most people won’t have people literally calling the police on them for welfare checks every other time they post. Most people don’t have others threatening to call animal protection services on them because “something bad could happen.”

Yes, everyone gets judged regardless of what they post. However, every single one of Britney’s movements post-conservatorship (well, before too, but still) has been full of “fans” here nitpicking everything to determine whether she’s in a state to take care of herself. There’s a difference between saying “yeah that was…a choice” and implying people aren’t well enough to be alone. A lot of posts here since that video are giving me vibes of the latter.
I just don’t believe her, and what a fucking weird hill to die on. I’m sure in her mind she’s like ‘well if Shakira can do it why can’t I’ and feels victimised again but twirling about with huge kitchen knife’s is… not what Shakira was doing, or what is appropriate to do for anyone.

Off to report it again.

Or you could, I don't know, just keep scrolling? I never thought I'd say this ever but you need to take the advice of a song and Mind Your Business.
Hmm it is a TMZ source about the knives, but at least clears the knives thing.

Yes she should have said they were fake to begin with, to spare her the negative criticism and police checking again. Plus I don't thin the dogs running about whilst she's dancing with them was helping the matter.

Anyhow, book and Crossroads coming out soon!
I could have sworn she said the knives were fake in the original caption, unless she added it in later. But it was definitely there when I saw it. However, it's kind of hard to tell with her when her captions are typically dripping with sarcasm and often state the opposite of what she's actually doing or feeling. While some of the reactions were a little much (especially fans calling in for a welfare check – again!), I also don't think we should be saying that anyone who was concerned or critical of what they perceived as reckless behavior is automatically Team Con. The "you're either for Britney or against Britney" mentality really needs to stop just as much as the "why isn't anyone stepping in???? what's WRONG with her???" does.
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Yeah, the original caption before she edited it didn't mention that they were fake. Trying to psycho-analyze her and calling the authorities over it is 100% insane behavior, but I don't think there's anything wrong with people simply being concerned. Even when you take it out of the context of everything surrounding Britney, it appeared to be dangerous and I'd call out anyone out for it (mostly because I have a very soft spot for dogs nn).

Most of the time, I get the "she shouldn't have to explain herself to anyone" rhetoric, but in specific cases like these....I'd hope anyone would.
I was speaking to some friends about Popstars’ best music videos and we really struggled putting together a top 5 for Britney. Obviously not because of a lack of options, but more so because she has such an amazing catalogue! Like, Toxic is for sure one of them. Definitely BOMT because it’s iconic and has everything an amazing music video needs. My Prerogative is a knockout. Same for Overprotected (Darkchild Remix). And then there’s MATM, which should be included based on the choreography alone. You can’t exclude Slave. Also Stronger! Oh, and Circus deserves a mention too in my opinion. Gosh, so many good ones! What would your top 5 be?
Baby One More Time
Oops I Did It Again (red catsuit is iconic)
Overprotected (Darkchild version)

These are the ones I could watch on a loop forever
Oops, Slave, Toxic, Womanizer and Slumber Party.

I think Womanizer is her most underrated video, it’s really brilliant, she looks great, it elevates the song and was just generally the perfect comeback, down to it ending on her smiling.
1. Baby One More Time
2. I'm A Slave 4 U
3. Stronger
4. Toxic
5. Everytime / Perfume / Slumber Party / My Prerogative (can't decide the 5 one)

She really does have an amazing video and song combo collection.
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