Britney Spears

Many of Britney's most exciting music has come from her collaborations with lesser known creatives.

Let us not forget that Blackout was, at the time of recording, seen as her being given “scraps” or the label being “cheap” because Danja took lead production (instead of his mentor Timbaland).

Turns out it exposed Danja’s own creativity, Timbaland’s vanity in having previously taken credit and gave us Britney’s magnum opus.
Justice for "Love Me Down."

Private Show, Clumsy, Better and What You Need I would say are the songs that have a cheaper sounding production than the rest of the album but I still enjoy them. Clumsy clicked with me seeing it performed live.

The rest of the album sounds slick to me - my favourites are Man On The Moon, Come Over, Just Love Me.
Glory’s essence is so inherently Britney. The album is light, ethereal, confident, sexy, draws on her southern soundscape just a bitsy in the same vein of In The Zone. Truly its modern day successor, and the best and most interesting music she’d made in a decade.

3 tracks on the album were either bi lingual or fully sung in a foreign language to her, the polarising Private Show and What You Need are bubbling with personality and power she hadn’t expressed in the booth in years.

I can’t understand the more “H&M” tropi-bop beats of some of the tracks feeling their age a bit now, but they’re still either good-very good pop songs.

Happy Birthday, Britney! Let us play the holy trinity in celebration! (In The Zone, Blackout and Glory/Britney depending on your parish).
I do hope Britney approved those photos coming out. I can't help but remember last time Lynne had shown up after a frosty period between them and pictures were suddenly all over X17. Seems like Bryan's been the only one to be able to see Britney face to face until now, maybe trying to mediate. Whatever happens, hopefully it allows Britney to heal and move forward, with or without them.