Britney Spears

I’d love to see a good 25th anniversary edition with all bsides/bonus tracks and unreleased stuff but i don’t think that’s gonna happen :(
I also think we are getting nothing, but hope to be proven wrong. In the meantime, I am buying older merch I find online and feed my love for her. Recent buys included VHS, official poster, standing pictures, stickers. God, I just love everything from Brit.
The only vinyl I have ever purchased was Glory re-issue and that has Matches on it, I HAD TO own it in a physical format, other than that, couldn’t care less about vinyls…
Don't kill me but I'm not overly bothered about rarities from that long ago especially when she wasn't really 100% involved in the music creation and are likely just demos from Max Martin and Eric Foster White.

But, if it does happen, I'll take it! This latest leak is cute.
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"The rumor first popped up on BreatheHeavy's community (Exhale)"

So, let's take this with a grain of salt dd.

Anyway, I'd be happy to get anything Britney wants to put out/gives her blessings to at this point. It'd be nice to get proper reissues with bonus tracks & b-sides on Global streaming, unreleased songs, etc. I'd also be very here for a curated collection of unreleased tracks from her whole career in one volume. There's so much material in the vault, I know there's a lot of great stuff we haven't gotten to hear.
If this is what Britney feels is best then so be it. Hopefully this is the point now where the true healing begins. It must have been so frustrating, and costly, dealing with all the legal appearances and depositions and updates it must have felt exhausting to still be fighting.
It's bittersweet that she settled but we have to remember Jamie or Lou Taylor weren't on trial for the conservatorship at large.

What was settled on yesterday were attorney fees and accounting from 2021. Britney and Mathew might have crunched the numbers and decided it would be actually cheaper to pay now than have them drag this out for years. It's how this system works and how they make money during the actual conservatorship - judges don't rule on anything, they appoint referees, attorneys object, things go back to square one.

Yes, it's terrible that Britney has to write one last check to Sam Ingham, who likened her to a comatose patient, and Vivian "daddy loves you" Thoreen, but that's the reality of this system and she can finally put this behind her.

I don't believe she'll press charges or sue Jamie/Lou either because she would probably have to testify and she seems to hate the very idea of it, based on court docs.