Britney Spears

Judging by the BMI work number it was registered years ago. Fans think it may be from the Britney or In The Zone sessions.
breakfast2 said:
It was registered 11th December 2001, but interestingly, an amendment was made 24th June 2010.

An amendment means like a change or something?
*Not too good with overly big words, ha*

I am now intruiged.
RE: Britney appearing on Glee, they've already filmed the Britney episode haven't they? Or are late in the process of it now... It was about a week ago pictures came out of Lea Michele in the Baby tracksuit I think.

She could be appearing later in the season though.
CharDog1 said:
Britney + Glee cast VMA performance.


This would be the most amazing thing ever - well if Glee did a Britney medley first and then the surprise at the end was that Brit came out to perform her new single. It'd never happen if only for the fact that when it comes to Britney MTV can't keep a secret if she's actually doing it.
Ace Reject said:
In other news even the creator of Twitter (Jack Dorsey) is now stating that it is not in fact Britney tweeting but it is a ghost writer. I'm sure all you 'Godney' (that name actually makes me cringe) will somehow have a comeback as to how it is actually her. Here's what he had to say:

What about Britney Spears? Is the relationship with her 5.5 million followers diminished by the use of ghosts?
I think it would be a lot more powerful and engaging if she did it herself. Of course, I don’t know the effect of having her staff do it, but I know that if she were actually to write all the messages, I believe it’s more engaging.

People can tell when it’s her and when it’s not. If a person sees her feed, or gets a tweet on their phone from Britney, and they know that she wrote it, it’s really, really engaging because, again, she’s using the exact same tools anyone can use. I can write a tweet and she could potentially respond to it.

I know she might see it and respond to it or I can reply to her. That’s what gets people really excited about all these public figures on Twitter, the accessibility. And when they are on directly, it just inspires more.

After this was published, BRITannica went to twitter and proclaimed

RealBRITannica @breatheheavy If it says "-Britney" at the end of a @britneyspears tweet, it came straight from her mouth. <3

I think I will choose to believe a person who actually has direct access to Britney and her team, instead of a man who has no contact with her at all...I mean he is just the creator, Britney doesn't have to go through hm to tweet.

I agree with him on the fact that her tweets aren't personal all the time, and I'd rather it stay as such...the last thing I wanna read is half the stupid stuff people like Ashton/Perez/GaGa/ and Kim Kardashian say on theirs.
Britney IS coming up with new music and she does have a new single hitting airwaves before the end of August. The song, produced by Pharrell Williams, is said to be ready. According to the first reports I got, the song was called My Big Secret (it was also added to BMI). It's just a few hours ago that it was confirmed that My Big Secret was actually a song recorded back in 2001 which means it has actually nothing to do with the new single or album... But, the new single IS produced by Pharell and this is what Darkchild was referring to when they said something was coming up for Britney fans.


Aaaw, I used to be on UBritney forums.

The webmaster is a SUPER nice guy and has no reason to lie. He's not one of those tossers who want attention or hits.

And these Pharrell produced single rumors are gaining a lot of momentum. The whole amending of this 'secret' song is... very interesting. As ever I'm not getting to excited as it's Britney but - this might be happening guys!
Hopefully he won't feature if this is true, I hate lead singles with featured artists. Just thinking about getting a Boys part 2 is sickening.
Fire said:
Hopefully he won't feature if this is true, I hate lead singles with featured artists. Just thinking about getting a Boys part 2 is sickening.

I will NEVER understand the hate for "Boys"....that is my ultimate ho anthem.
For me it just doesn't have that Britney magic, its a fan track more than a commercial track obviously, but even as a superfan of Britney, I'm with the general public on 'Boys'.
'Boys' bores me slightly and makes me sigh to think what they could have released from the 'Britney' album in it's place. 'Let Me Be', 'Lonely', 'Cinderella', all great tracks that never got the chance to shine.
Boys is bloody amazing... I do love it, it feels more "real" than Slave, less like she's put it on. Unpopular opinion, I know.

This is entirely conjecture, so feel free to ignore it, but, IF these rumours are true, looking at the timeframe, the song is due to be premiered on the 9th. The Britney Glee episode airs on the 28th Could we be looking at a premier of the video after the Britney Glee episode? They showed Vogue after the season premier, so it wouldn't be impossible, and it would be a great promotion slot for the song. Her people would be crazy if they didn't at least try to make it happen.