Britney Spears

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I don't care I'm getting my hopes up, and if it turns out to be fake I have Keisha Buchanan's album coming out soonish which will easily satisfy me.

I have no one esle... *sad face*

Me niether :(

I guess I could re listen to the whole Britney catalogue like I am doing at the moment.

Yes, That should ease the pain a bit.
Thank God.
We don't know what anything is going to sound like so any discussions on the latter are indeed incredibly juvenile and pointless.

And this 'Where's Waldo' thing sounds like a really good idea. Having Britney just occasionally randomly pop up or be in the background I imagine. Very smart. She seems very hands on and proactive with this episode. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
I would love to hear her sing on the show or even dance. I know it's not going to happen but it still would be cool. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just grateful she's appearing at all.
I want it not even acknowledged, have a few Impersonators wandering about like the Madonna episode then realise after the episode which B is the real B??
Two new outtakes:

Took a sip from my devil's cup
TM said:
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Can you imagine if she got on stage with her?!

Never going to happen. Her team's smarter than that, I hope.

I agree on all accounts. Britney's not really a band wagon person comapred to say, Madonna. She doesn't hook up with the 'hottest' producer (Timbaland etc.) for credibility. She's just not like that. Thank god.
I'll be surprised if she does actually attend tonight. There's not a chance in hell she'd perform with her, her team aren't stupid enough to launch Britney back into the limelight by having her perform with Lady Gaga at a Lady Gaga concert. At least I hope not.
Nothing will happen, Britney is just going to watch a pop show as a civilian the way she has for many shows...
LewJB said:
Nothing will happen, Britney is just going to watch a pop show as a civilian the way she has for many shows...

Yep, that is if she is even going. Britney doesn't strike me as being into modern pop artists enough to go see them. I know she is the princess of pop, but I reckon she is more into the likes of Kings of Leon and Maroon 5 herself.
Why is Adam calling BS on BreatheHeavy's story about that new artist? All it says about Britney is that she went to the studio when he was recording his song.