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BROCKHAMPTON + Kevin Abstract's Solo Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Rap acts getting their own threads isn't typical around here but this seems like an act that Popjustice should be foaming at the mouth over. Here's a good article about who they are. Think Odd Future without the aspects that made them a biT problematique. Kevin Abstract is an openly gay rapper that y'all might know of who's a part of this.

    Their new album SATURATION III drops on Friday. Parts I & II came out earlier this year. II in particular is easily one of the best albums of the year

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  2. Saturation 2 is easily top 5 albums of the year, I agree. I’ve only been following them since the summer, but almost every track from the album is in my Top 25 Most Played Songs playlist on Apple Music.
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  3. Nn, of course.

    They are intriguing though.
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  4. I've been meaning to dive into them for months but didn't bother until yesterday and SATURATION II is absolutely one of the best albums of the year. My dumbass didn't put it in the first post but GUMMY is a contender for one of my all-time favorite productions. Everything about the production is fucking immaculate. I'm obsessed with them.

  5. Gummy was the first song by them I heard but wasn’t super into it. A lot of their music had to grow on me before I really “got” it.

    I’d say Fight is probably my favorite from the album. Rap needs a bit of a pop flair to intrigue me most of the time, and Fight fits that mode to a degree in terms of hooks and production.
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  6. It took me a while to get them but I really like what they're doing, definitely feels fresh. I hope their success leads to more experimental hip-hop groups/collectives being organically formed, because I think there's still a ton of unexplored musical space there. I hope they are just trolling Reddit with the talk of breaking up... they only got started a handful of months ago!

    The new track BOOGIE is good and one of their better video efforts, but GUMMY remains my favorite track musically so far.
  7. Maybe I was just really out of the know, but in the time since @sexercise made this thread I literally when from not really knowing anything about them to not being able to stop hearing about them. Seems like their rise was form a mixture of like Fader, Vice, and Anthony Fantano support, so maybe that’s why they passed me by, dd.

    They’re a really bizzare mixture of total natural coolness, a par-for-the-course amount of KanyeToThe posturing, and like... queer nerdiness.

    But mainly bops for days. ‘Boogie’ especially. Whew.
  8. Their journey has been weird. I remember hearing about Kevin Abstract years ago and he seemed to be popping off and then he just sort of disappeared and then a few months later BROCKHAMPTON appeared. The amount of buzz they've been getting is insane. Lowkey all of this reeks of "major label experiment" but the music is fantastic and they're a really interesting act that's breaking some boundaries so I'm not complaining.
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  9. The hype is crazy, but they're indie though, no? I'm not surprised at all they're blog candy.

    They're totally the type of act that Vice would do an entire multi-episode documentary on. I'm sure Fader would report on each individual member's bowel movements if they could. Makes you wonder if Ryan Schreiber is currently throwing Condé Nast paperweights at his staff writers' heads for not really getting on the hype-train early enough to make it seem like they broke them.
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  10. They're incredible, SATURATION II and III are really cohesive and well-crafted records. Kevin Abstract's Twitter is so wild.

  11. Nothing but respect for MY queer icons.
  12. Okay but @sexercise can we talk about the Shawn Mendes line in STAR.
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  13. Didn't even know they had their own thread here. The Saturation trilogy was by far one of the best releases last year, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store!

    Anybody got Harry Styles' phone number?
    Okay I called him and he said it was the wrong number.
  14. I’m still bitter I never got the Saturation box set when it was up for pre-order, but I’ll be snatching the vinyl once it’s announced.
  15. I literally haven't gone a day without playing their music since 2018 started, I love them.
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  16. I love Nardwuar. He's just such a fan of music.
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  17. they're cool!
  18. Fantastic group, fantastic music, was lucky to see them live in Houston.

    Robert Ontenient is the cutest boy in the group just so you all know. Claimed.

    Team is my fave song on Sat 3, when those reverb heavy guitars kick in.......
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