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BROCKHAMPTON + Kevin Abstract's Solo Project

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. New drops

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  2. They released three new songs. I'm really loving their new input, they never disappoint! There's also something about BROCKHAMPTON's music that screams "summer" so I welcome these few songs with open arms. Pretty sure we'll have an album worth of material in a few weeks!

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  3. I wish they’d put these up on streaming, but I guess that’ll be the album.
  4. New weekly releases, including one collaboration with JPEGMAFIA.

  5. I've been holding myself off from listening to this cause I'd like a full body of work, but everyone says the new tracks are quite amazing. What do you gals think? I'm particularly interested in Ryan's coos.
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  6. I’ve only listened to each release once, because I am holding out for a full release. But they are really good.
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  7. The new songs are really good! It's quintessential BROCKHAMPTON but still with a little something new and very exciting. When I say they keep on surprising me and never disappoint, I truly mean that. The Ryan Beatty tracks are not the most memorable to me - although "twisted" is really good - or at least I just didn't return to them as much as the rest of the songs. "things can't stay the same" and "chain on / hold me" are my favorite ones so far.

    1. things can't stay the same
    2. N.S.T
    3. twisted
    4. M.O.B
    5. Baby Bull
    6. I.F.L
    7. downside
    8. chain on / hold me
    9. fishbone​

    That's certainly already a pretty strong album...
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  8. Why have I not dipped my toes into this thread I love these guys. Baby Boy and No Halo being among my sad boy go-to songs for months. Arizona Baby as a whole found with a new lease of life as an unproblematic way to continue enjoying Venice Bitch.
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