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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Produce 101 is back, but this time around it'll be all about the boys.

    Hosted by: BoA
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  2. Half of the line-up will probably be temporarily withdrawn members of flop boy groups.

  3. Can half of them be gay and fabulous?

  4. I feel like a 50/50 split between bro-dudes & fabulous sistahs (with at least marginal talent in both pools) is the only way this series will work in a reality tv sense.
  5. I'm gonna need at least 1 solo or group audition to be as amazing as this:
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  6. I probably won't be watching the show but I am absolutely here for your reactions and possible meltdowns. Kekeke. Please someone @ me if the male Sohye makes an appearance.
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  7. Should be fun seeing some of the other contestants pretend to recognise him like they did with the DIA members.
  8. Jokwon for idol vocal coach and Auntie Hwang for host (or at the very least, co-host), please and thank you.
  9. Someone posted about some of the contestants on Omona...

    One of them was born in 2002...

    I want to die.
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  10. I fear it'll be a lot of faux sweg and I ain't here for that. Plus boy group music isn't my cup of tea so I have even less interest in this.

    Jo Kwon seems like a great choice honestly.
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  13. I'm so ready for this. Give me mess and botched vocals. Who will be the Sohye.
  14. Shame JYP has backed out. I do still want to check this out, if only for its potential messiness.
  15. Is this still a go? I'm not too keen on watching the show because frankly, I could care less about boy groups but if it's anything as good as their female counterpart then it's worth giving a shot.
  16. I hope this is still going ahead. I thought it'd have started by now!
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  18. BoA could almost make me watch. Queen.
  19. BoA presenting it is a really inspired idea. I was going to watch it anyway, but BoA has made me even more intrigued. (Especially as I reckon she'll be a lot more interesting than the original P101 presenter...)
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  20. Remember his intensely creepy nonlaugh.
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