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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by clockworknovak, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. I did a search and couldn't find a thread for them, but if there is already one, feel free to merge this.

    Popjustice just highlighted their absolutely gorgeous track, 'Bridges'. Also, they are both very attractive.


    Track's on their Soundcloud.
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  2. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    Love this and the girl is fit.
  3. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    I want to know if they're married or siblings.
  4. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    As long as it's not both!

    'Bridges' is really nice.
  5. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    Hoping for siblings.
  6. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    They're siblings.
  7. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    'Bridges' is sort of the point where Lorde and Purity Ring meet, but a bit poppier. I've just played it nine times in a row.

    Beautiful, beautiful song.
  8. He


    Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    Sometimes I find it unfair that such attractive people are also good musicians.
  9. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    Love this.
  10. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    I am in love with this track.
  11. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    Fantastic. Also, you're all invited to mine and Caleb's wedding.
  12. Re: BROODS - 'Bridges'

    They've just posted a new track on Soundcloud, titled 'Never Gonna Change'.

    Quite lovely! I think these kids are going to do some great stuff next year...
  13. I've never heard about them before, but she looks like she could be my sister, which is very freaky to me.
  14. Just discovered them. 'Never Gonna Change' is beautiful
  15. Both of their tracks so far have been amazing. Looking forward to more.
  16. They are very, very, very good.
  17. They updated their Facebook with the cover of the EP. No release date as far as I know.

  18. That's really striking.
  19. The interconnected double "O" reminds me of Chanel, and the EP cover reminds me of this for obvious reasons:
  20. Love the cover.

    iTunes: Jan. 30 (Aus + New Zealand), Feb. 4 (US), Feb. 10 ("Everywhere else")

    Tracklist (Rumored):

    1. ‘Never Gonna Change’
    2. ‘Pretty Thing’
    3. ‘Bridges’
    4. ‘Sleep Baby Sleep’
    5. ‘Taking You There’
    6. ‘Coattails’
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