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BROODS - "Piece of My Mind" + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. I’ve never been fully on board with them but I really enjoy both of these new songs and the art direction is stunning.

    Piece of My Mind sounds like MGMT turning up the power-pop dial to 10.
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  2. Heartbreak is incredible.
  3. Love the three singles. Can’t wait for the album. The artwork is absolutely stunning
  4. Just given the album it’s first spin, I am a big fan of Georgia’s voice and her harmonies and honest lyrics and this album showcases that.
    Highlight of the album for me is the synth-fueled “Days Are Passing” and part of me wishes they had done more lyrically raw songs like this on the album.
    Overall it’s a pleasant addition to their catalog and it’s nice to have their electronic pop back in my ears.
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  5. Can't wait to listen, Don't Feed The Pop Monster was superbbbb
  6. Phew, "Heartbreak" being the taking care of yourself anthem, followed by the unhinged and pinning 'Distance and Drugs'.... Their minds!
    'I Keep' is so very beautiful, Tove never misses when she features.

    This album really is a vibe? I appreciate the ethereal and acoustic electronic elements, its like a softer version of the Pop Monster album.
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  7. Surprised by how empty this thread is.
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  8. “Heartbreak” and “I Keep” are my absolute faves at the moment. Very happy I didn’t listen to any singles just so I could get the full experience.

    I don’t know if it’s their best but it’s a great effort.
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  9. It's better than I expected based on the singles. It's more chilled out, in a good way. Needs more spins for sure.
  10. The way "Like A Woman" explodes in its final stanza is so utterly thrilling. I wish that part kept going for a few extra minutes.

    I'm enjoying the album, but it's very unassuming.
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