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BROS - When the screaming stops (and the ****ing swearing starts!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Documentary on BBC4 tonight....

    Oasis have nothing on this at times.

    (Matt isn't coming out of this very well at all).
  2. I started out feeling sympathy for Luke in the sibling head-fuck battles, but by the end I found them both a bit tiresome. Matt is a bizarre individual. They're both pretty damaged, but Luke at least doesn't talk mumbo jumbo out of his arse. It's like David Brent crossed with Jamie Redknapp. He has no sense of humour or self-awareness...that moment when he mistakenly thought the lighting rig design for the set wasn't actual pyrotechnics, and Luke made a joke of it, harmlessly...and Matt storms off in a torrent of effing and blinding. An absolute mess of a relationship.

    The contrast between the 2017 struggles and the sheer joy and energy of their 80s selves was extraordinary at times.

    It's made me wish I'd bought the 3CD reissue of Push from a few years ago. A mere 85 quid now!!!!
  3. As a wikipedia editor, believe it or not there is a serial vandal there who loves to vandalise Bros articles... and has even returned to do so after various pages have been protected (so that only people who are logged in to an account that has been active for 30 days, or who have above a certain number of edits, can edit the page) for 6 months, once the page protection expires. He appears to be from the UK, but writes (deliberately) like English is his second language, and makes all sorts of outlandish claims about his credentials (he claims to be a music historian) and the group's success. I think I've opened over a dozen sock puppet investigations on him, over the last 2 years.

    Through looking at the edits his umpteen accounts and IP addresses have made, his pattern of vandalism is not limited to Bros.
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  4. I think the Goss boys' disgust at their treatment by the (UK) media is fair....the sort of casual hatred and outrageous comments that should be reserved for people who are actually evil and have done bad things. It's one of this country's worst traits, and continues to this day all around us on Twitter and on website comment pages.

    They really weren't suited to the machinations of the 80s music industry (and who, really, ever was) and it's obviously damaged them more, being twin brothers, than perhaps the average wannabe popstar. You can see echoes of latterday George Michael in the messed-up melancholy of Matt, while Luke's done his best to reinvent himself in order to cope with what happened. Yes, both of them make some ridiculous statements and do come across all Brent-like, but I can't really laugh at it...I feel sorry for them.

    Ken/Craig isn't even mentioned in the film, but apparently the DVD has an interview feature in the extras.
  5. I Can't Say I felt too sorry for them, although I do admit they come across as quite sad, unlikeable and damaged individuals. They (especially Matt) just seemed too self absorbed and self pitying. The Brent like worldly statements just kept on coming which were just so embarrassing and quite hysterical. Top comedy writers would have been jealous with some of Matt's crap he came out with.
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  6. Yes I saw this. Matt is just bizarre and a largely unsympathetic character. Luke comes across better and more relatable but neither were fantastic. In retrospect Craig was certainly the winner out of the whole affair.
  7. Oh dear....I haven't seen the documentary and I don't think I will.
    I want to remember them for the great pop year they had in 1988 and for "Shocked" the song they wrote about the AIDS crisis!
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  8. I feel really stupid asking this... but who is Brent?
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  9. The main character in the original BBC series of "The Office"
  10. [​IMG]
    I think Matt's been watching too many episodes of The Office.
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  11. Yes, the sheer vibrancy of their 80s peak came across in the snippets of footage they showed...and the music stands up really well (I didn't like the 2017 concert versions, by contrast). They take themselves too seriously, it's almost a parody but the pain and damage is very real.

    It makes me want to dig out the Push album again,a great-sounding CBS compact disc.
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  12. I love "push" . The only acceptable single from album two is clearly "sister" but by then it was clear it was over. Shame. 1988 will always be bros kylie and rick to me.
  13. Too Much sounded ace when they played it over clips of Bros-mania.
  14. For me it was about:
    Public Enemy - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back
    Prefab Sprout - From Langley Park to Memphis
    Scritti Politti - Provision
    Aztec Camera - Love

    and from an Aussie point of view @ohnoitisnathan
    INXS - Kick
    Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust
    Icehouse - Man of colours
  15. The difference is probably that I was 12 at the time ha ha
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  16. I played Push as much as Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm and From Langley Park To Memphis in 1988.
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  17. Hehehe!
    Yes and I was 18 turning 19 - when I was 12 in 1981 I was listening like mad to:

    The Police - Ghost in the machine
    The Human League - Dare
    Duran Duran - Duran Duran
    Adam and the Ants - Kings of the wild frontier
    The Beat - Wha'appen?

    I did enjoy Bros' Push album in 1988!
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  18. The Edge had Push in his all-time Top 10 albums back on Radio 1 in the 90s....he was either having a laugh, or his daughters' influence was responsible...I recall he was adamant that he wasn't taking the piss.
  19. Hate to break it to you guys put they didn't write the songs on Push, that was Nicky Graham and Tom Watkins. However all 10 songs are varied not just about love and were well produced, even if I still don't know what Ten Out Of Ten or Cat Among The Pigeons are about.
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