The trailer was fun! I was a wee bit apprehensive but I think it captures the oddities of (white cis conventionally attractive) gay relationship culture in a way that's not insulting.
This looks cute, but boy, even as a fan of Billy On The Street and Difficult People, I’m concerned about how grating Billy might be headlining an entire film. He made the trailer a slight struggle for me.
It was serving his Parks and Recreation character a bit nn. It took me a while to get into Billy On The Street and Difficult People (which I both loved) because of how grating Billy was on Parks, but I guess us insufferable queers deserve representation too <3
The original trailer had me intrigued and excited but every trailer that followed has made this look god awful.
I’ve been told by many that it’s a delightful film, but that Billy is painfully grating as the film’s lead (which isn’t the least bit surprising).
That's been my main fear for this. He's fine in small doses but as a full on lead in a movie? Not so much. Luke? Yes. Sure he's mainly been the romantic lead in Hallmark movies but he's got likability and charisma on his side, not to mention he is a genuinely talented actor.
I saw this at TIFF. It's entertaining, often funny, but... I do find Billy a bit grating as a romantic lead. He's much too whiny for me. But I guess you have to credit Billy for not softening the edges. Billy and Luke have nice chemistry, though.

I think Bros tries to cram too much into two hours but I think audiences will enjoy it. The supporting characters have absolutely zero development.
I do love how this comes out in the UK two days after my Mum's Birthday. Cinema date with my thirsty BFF I think. I convinced her by showing a pic of Luke and she recognised him from all the Hallmark movies she loves.