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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dylan, May 18, 2022.

  1. This actually looks really good, looking forward to it!

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  2. This looks very interesting. It's nice to have GOOD gay shit in theaters for once.
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  3. Uno


    This looks... better than I thought it would. Definitely looking forward to it now.
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  4. Luke Macfarlane is way too hot.
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  5. This and Hocus Pocus dropping on the same day….

  6. This actually looks hysterical, and I'm just very much here for studios giving actual budgets + proper releases to gay movies – especially when theatrical releases for comedies in general are rare these days. I'm really happy for Billy. And Bowen Yang should be in everything.
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  7. The trailer was fun! I was a wee bit apprehensive but I think it captures the oddities of (white cis conventionally attractive) gay relationship culture in a way that's not insulting.
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  8. This looks cute, but boy, even as a fan of Billy On The Street and Difficult People, I’m concerned about how grating Billy might be headlining an entire film. He made the trailer a slight struggle for me.
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  9. Cautiously here for this.
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  10. Oh this looks like a riot, looking forward to it!
  11. It was serving his Parks and Recreation character a bit nn. It took me a while to get into Billy On The Street and Difficult People (which I both loved) because of how grating Billy was on Parks, but I guess us insufferable queers deserve representation too <3
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