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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dylan, May 18, 2022.

  1. I don't like that people are saying it's imperative as a queer person to see this movie. I'm seeing actual people claiming those of us without interest are self-loathing for some reason.

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  2. Maybe don't call it BROS
  3. I'm just not crazy about rom-coms in general but give me one where the leads are either Guillermo Díaz and/or Ts Madison and maybe I would give a crap.
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  4. Damn, this is truly disappointing.

    I also think this part of the tweet makes a very valid point:

    Maybe I’m giving it too much credit but did Love Simon smashing in the box office have an influence on similar content getting green lit? Surely the answer is yes?
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  5. I mean, sure. The industry is likely to "take all the wrong lessons" from this bombing. But you can't make what looks to be a mediocre/stereotypical film with an unappealing lead, release really unfunny trailers and launch a promo campaign built largely on guilting people into watching it like it's their moral duty to do so.
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    Maybe pulling the "this is the first gay movie EVER" marketing campaign for the 14th year in a row wasn't a good idea
  7. The marketing killed any interest I had in the film. It seemed like I only ever say white cis men promoting the movie and I'm so sick of hearing about "the first gay movie" thing when that is so far from the case. They didn't focus on what makes the film funny, because I sure didn't see anything.
  8. Yeah it was the promo that killed my interest.

    They kept saying first gay rom-com and when I saw that the 2 leads were both CIS white men that look like every other ‘Hollywood gay’, I said no thank you.

    It’s not self loathing to say we want queer stories that represent the diversity of our community. I’m fed up of gays in films = tall, toned white gays with good hair.

    Maybe the film is diverse but the way they’ve promoted it makes me think otherwise.
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  9. "Bravo to Universal for having the guts to make this movie" ...a somewhat low budget romcom with a popular enough leading man? What bravery...

  10. I feel like I'm piling on--but I'm gonna anyway--but stuff like this feels so shallow to me. The portrayal of "queer nightlife and hookups and real life" is so tired and doesn't reflect the experiences of so many in the community. We really need more scenes of circuit parties and privileged white New York gays and their neuroses? Not only is that myopic, it's boring. It's frustrating to see the same stories told over and over and over again, championed like they're doing anything new at all. Aim higher with the stories we tell.

    Again, this is based off the trailers I've seen. But if they misrepresent the film, I'd be happy to hear it.
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  11. I have to say, the trailers really put me off this. Claiming to be groundbreaking while reinforcing a lot of stereotypes which will just reinforce negative views of the gay community. No thanks.

    I’m sure I will see the film at some point in the future but I am in no rush.
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  12. I've been a Billy Eichner fan for a long while and continue to be. The movie was good. It isn't great, but it's good. And it is one of the first gay films I've seen where it isn't just the same story as a straight romantic film but swapped with gay leads instead. It actually represents how gay dating and hookup culture works for a lot of people in our community. And it also does talk about how the LGBTQ experience is not a monolith experience. Billy's character is opening a LGBTQ History Museum and his board is himself, a lesbian, a bisexual, a trans woman (TS Madison, who is hilarious as always), a queer person and... I think it was another trans person? And the commentary between them was like a little microcosm of how our community is with all these different experiences coming together and how we don't all see eye to eye always. But at the end of the day, we're all there for each other. The movie is pretty self aware. And I loved how it handled it's commentary about "masc4masc" type guys and all that too.

    My biggest gripe about the movie was that I found the romantic interest lead character to be a subpar actor... The actor has been in a dozen Hallmark films, I think mostly playing straight dudes. So I'm glad he got to be in a movie where he actually gets to be a gay character like he is in real life, but his acting is just so... ugh.

    The movie has commentary on this. Like I said, it's self aware. It knows a lot of things that are happening are very stereotypical things, but they are also real things that happen to gay guys. This is not a heterosexual story with gay characters swapped in. It's not trying to be palatable for straight people.
  13. Luke Evans is a good actor and as mentioned above was in the excellent show Brothers and Sisters for years (where he played a gay character).
    Unfortunately Eichner is not likable and the movie was marketed horribly. I’m glad this movie has its audience and enjoying it. I’m finding out more and more it’s just not for me.
  14. Well in this film, his acting made me cringe. I think that's in part because of his character is kind of just a bit of a dummy jock type.

    And yeah, it's not going to be for everyone. But I think people should give it a chance, personally.
  15. Billy was a bit of a dick when I worked with him.
  16. Luke Evans is indeed a great actor but it’s Luke Macfarlane who is in this movie.
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  17. I see this will probably be streaming on Peacock? They just want this to continue to flop huh.
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    spill the tea, let’s hear it!
  19. Oopsie I meant Luke Macfarlane of course.
  20. There’s a lot of commentary here that I disagree with, but I’ll just say this underperforming is incredibly disappointing. Coupled with the news that Queer As Folk was canceled (which is a whole different story, as it was genuinely not good), it will inevitably send the wrong message to studio heads. It’s not fair that each LGBTQ+ project has to be a success in order to speak to the potential of other projects in that space, but that’s unfortunately where Hollywood is.
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