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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dylan, May 18, 2022.

  1. I think the creative process, marketing and distribution of this film will be unpacked for years.

    Did nobody question having someone other than Billy be the star? Or why it's called Bros and perhaps another title could have been more appropriate for the film? That the supporting characters lacked... development? (I'm no fan of Judd Apatow but I can concede his films have entertaining supporting characters). Why it premiered at TIFF in the fall when it should have been a summer (maybe Pride month) release? Or that the marketing was a bit too on the nose and perhaps too aggressive?
  2. @Mr.Arroz said it best but it necessitates repetition: a movie about well to do white cis gay men working in entertainment made by white cis gay men in entertainment is not the representation the queer community wants or needs. Everything from the marketing to Billy’s Twitter screams of the echo chamber of a wealthy white yes people telling Eichner & company they’re SO IMPORTANT for making this film.

    also to all the bratty whites telling me to see this to support the community, I’d like to see your ticket receipt for Moonlight- the queer BEST PICTURE Oscar winner
  3. This is what made the movie feel old-fashioned to me. A film about two rich, white, cis, masculine gay men feels like something that would have been made 20 years ago. It doesn't feel like a fresh take.
  4. Despite Billy, I am still looking forward to seeing this as Rom Coms are my sweet spot and I daresay I will enjoy it. In some respects it is landmark for a major studio to back a gay movie like this but the part of the queer community it represents is so small and is the most easily digested by the wider public. Luke at least is aware of this in interviews I’ve seen of his recently. He knows he belongs to a certain group of queer men and the movie focusses on that same group. Billy’s self imposed role as saviour of queer kind is really not a cute look and he just needs to stop. He’s killing so much good will.

    I’m my heart of hearts I know that seeing myself or other aspects of the LGBTQ+ community represented on screen in a movie like this isn’t likely to happen, which does bum me out. However I’m going to keep a bit of hope alive. It’s slowly starting to chance in television, comics and gaming so surely movies can’t be far behind?
  5. I just saw the trailer.
  6. I'm sure this would have been a big word-of-mouth hit if they just chucked it on Netflix from the beginning.

    Anyway, let's hope Knock at the Cabin is as good as it seems and becomes a big hit instead so we can just bury the "moviegoers hate gays"-talk.

  7. I wonder if the Paul Lynde biopic starring Billy Eichner will now die in development (if it hadn’t already? Haven’t heard about it for a minute).
  8. The incredibly earnest, preachy marketing campaign seems at odds with Billy's everything. I'd have much preferred a Difficult People film.
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  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The fact that he literally ended up doing this

  10. Not my initial response upon watching the trailer being this:
  11. Screaming that Billy has turned off replies on his tweets ddd
  12. 100%

    I think Billy ended up taking a lot of the credit for that show too, when Julie Klausner was the creative voice and head writer of the project and Billy was just an actor. But that’s a conversation for another day.
  13. This is it in a nutshell. I hated him on Parks & Rec and judging by the trailer he's just as annoying and shrill in this.
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  14. Billy Eichner when he realizes screaming at people on the street doesn’t put him in the same class as Sandra Bullock

  15. I honestly think the movie was set up to fail. I'm not sure why anyone expected bigger numbers from a movie starring... Billy Eichner and a guy from Hallmark movies? I don't even have anything against Billy, but making him the lead of a rom-com when even A-list movie stars struggle to open comedies these days was just a disaster waiting to happen. Add onto that the entire "THIS IS THE FIRST GAY MOVIE EVER!!!" angle that the studio ran with, and I think it didn't really have a chance. My friends who've seen it have pretty unanimously enjoyed it, and I think if the marketing didn't put so much pressure on it the reaction right now would be very, very different. It's frustrating that studios will no doubt use it as an excuse not to greenlight more queer stories, though it's not like they've been doing that anyway...

    I also agree that part of the issue is that the whole thing feels 20 years too late. It's ridiculous that we've never had a queer big screen rom-com, and we should be onto telling much more diverse stories at this point. That's not Billy's fault, and he should be able to make a cute queer comedy that represents his own experience, but as the face of the film + marketing, I get why people are taking their frustrations out on him.
  16. To me, I don't really care how successful the movie is, like I don't get why anyone would really care. I guess because we all want to see lgbtq movies succeed so that more are made but...Eh. I understand why Billy would be upset. But... Watching this film, it's very niche. There is a running gag in the film about how guys on grindr open their messages with a dry "hey, what's up?". I think most of the jokes which are very rooted in some real gay experiences would fly right over the heads of most straight people. So, why were they banking on straight people seeing this? I saw this film in a fairly crowded theater and the entire audience was gay men. Crying about how straight people didn't show up... It's... not really a movie for them? It actively was created and marketed as "Not just a gay movie where it's a hetero plot with gays swapped in for the leads, not meant to be watered down to make gay relationships look palatable for straight audiences. Because gay relationships are very different than straight relationships".

    But yeah, I wish they would've just marketed this as a gay rom-com film instead of the gay rom-com film, if that makes sense. Who cares if straight people see it.. It's not for them. They don't understand how our relationships work and they don't really care to learn.

    Between this and the discourse around if Hocus Pocus 1 & 2 are good... I feel like every gay is a film critic this week.
  17. Can somebody who saw the movie please remind me how “Steve” ends up in the fourgy?

    I mean, obviously he’ll be fine in the long run, but when you co-write a movie and you star in it and you play a character called Bobby Lieber (which sounds a little similar to Billy Eichner) who you imbue with many of your own characteristics (e.g. wishing your accepting parents were still alive to see your successes, getting blocked on Twitter by Carrie Underwood, etc.) … and the overall public response seems to be some variation of “Nope!”, that must not be fun. Oh well though!
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  18. Does Love, Simon not count as a theatrical gay rom-com made by a big studio? It was made by FOX. It seems like BROS "first ever of its kind" tagline felt a little...asterisk-y.

    ***The first ever gay rom-com released in theaters by a major studio starring all gay people that was written on a Tuesday afternoon next to a sycamore tree by someone with a first name that rhymes with "Milly."

    Going for that angle when promoting this film felt a bit disingenuous.
  19. Ugh. I loathed that scene. If I recall correctly, it's a party and Billy and Luke's characters hook up with Luke's high school friend who has just come out. Steve inserts himself into the threesome but nobody is interested in Steve because the two hot jocks are more interested in each other and Billy (MAJOR eye roll) when Steve is attractive.

    We're all supposed to laugh at Steve failing to get any attention or action while Billy gives him the side-eye.

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