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Brown Eyed Girls + Solos

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    Members: Miryo (Rapper), JeA (Leader), Narsha (Main Vocalist) & Ga-In (Maknae).

    If you know Abracadabra, then you know Brown Eyed Girls. They have an amazing style of music which compliments well with their sleek, yet edgy image.

    Within the group there is a perfect formula which comes from their sultry members:
    - JeA, the group leader is the classy epitome of the group, she carries the group with her powerful singing and classical look.
    - Narsha is the experimental one of the group, with each image change she projects sexiness. Her sassy vocals leave all who listen thoroughly impressed.
    - Ga-in, the maknae of the group shows more aegyo and sexiness all at the same time.
    - Miryo is the fearless rapper who can slay all others willing to compete with her. She shows a fierce and moody look which creates intimidation for her foes.

    Narsha & Ga-in have both endured solo careers, to which both were successful. JeA & Miryo will debut their solo activities during the 2nd half of 2011.

    Come Closer
    Hold The Line
    I Got Fooled By You
    Oasis (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon)
    The Day (w/ SeeYa)
    Love Action
    My Style
    How Come?
    Candy Man
    Sign (Japanese Ver.)

    Fan Favourites
    Abracadabra (Stage Version)
    Smile Chock Chock (Nivea Lip)
    Abracadabra (Japanese Ver.)
    Sign (Feat. K.Will - Acoustic)
    Sign (Performance Mash-Up)
    Uptown Girl (w/ Vodka Rain)
    You Raise Me Up (Miryo sings on this song!)
    Miryo performing "Right Round"
    Narsha, JeA & Miryo performing "Stop"
    JeA & Miryo performing "Dear Friend"
    Miryo singing "Tell Me"

    Solo Singles
    I'm In Love
    Mamma Mia (w/ Sunny Hill)

    Irreversible / Performance Version
    Bad Temper

    Love Is...

    Love Is...
  2. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    4 beautiful women decide to be part of an incredible song, 1 of the best, Abracadabra.
  3. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    I'll edit my first post soon, including the amazing solo careers of Narsha and Ga-In.

    Narsha >>>>>>>>>>> Ga-In (who was a bit overrated.)
  4. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    You left out My Style, the L.O.V.E. re-edit that's probably even lovelier than the original.

    I love these girls.

    That's all I have to say right now.
  5. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Can't wait for my girls to come back.
  6. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Updated with some BEG goodness! Enjoy!
  7. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Don't worry fans, I can sense they will be ready for a comeback in a couple weeks plus more weeks hehe.
  8. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Miryo was so so so pretty before she got even more work done.
  9. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    There's been such an excess of hype and delay that I half expect them to come out with a trot album, with Narsha and Miryo finally replaced by latex-skinned robots.
  10. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Honestly watching their very first videos, Miryo's changed the least out of all of them. Narsha is completely unrecognizable.
  11. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    I see the differences in Miryo, but JeA is the one who I see the least in. Oh Narsha. Thankgod for surgery!
  12. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    They really weren't very hot at the start, ha.
  13. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Love it, JeA is hilarious!
  14. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Has anyone got info on the new Brown Eyed Girls material?
  15. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    ^ Their new single's out on the sixteenth, and the album will follow on the thirtieth.
  16. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Thank Allkpop:

  17. Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    I cannot wait for their return, hopefully they will inject some excitement into the K-pop scene, it feel like it's having a bit of a rest right now!
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