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Brown Eyed Girls + Solos

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

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    I've only just listened to SIXTH SENSE, but it is an amazing album. Though something is bugging me and that something is what the heck does An Inconvenient Truth sample/remind me of.

    It seems really obvious but I cannot place it for the life of me!
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    I know exactly what you're talking about! It's like an old 80s/90s ballad, but I can't figure it out.
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    Are people disappointed? I guess I kind of am. I wish the entire song was a loop of those first/last few seconds which completely obliterate anything else in the song as is. But the video's nice, a surprising turnaway from performance-based clichés. And I'm liking the song more and more - I keep thinking it's mediocre, and listening to again, and thinking it's mediocre, and then listening to it again, and again, and again. So maybe it's not so mediocre.
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    I just think that Sixth Sense made such a big impact (well on me anyway...) that Cleansing Cream felt underwhelming but it's growing on me, it's not a bad song.
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    Cleansing Cream is a very good song, delicate in tone but the melody has a powerful voice.

    The MV gives the song a twist and insight to the characters. Brown Eyed Girls deliver a beautiful song for me.
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    I'm not sure I get the video? Is it about a woman who looks after her blind sister with her boyfriend/husband but finally gets tired of putting up with it and snaps - only to then realise in the heat of the moment what she's doing?

    It was strangely affecting.
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    I think thats the gist of it. I would also add the idea that the older sister seems quite jealous of the relationship between her blind sister and her boyfriend, maybe?

    It is very powerful.
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    My interpretation of it;

    The blind girl is obsessed with her sister who takes care of her (smelling her clothes, applying make up to be like her, sleeping on her) but her sister only notices her sister's affection when by accident it's towards her boyfriend/husband. So when the sister wakes up to see her blind sister touching the man's face, she doesn't realise that the girl did that to her first, and is now suspecting something between them.

    Her suspicions are clarified when the blind girl "romantically" touches the man's shoulder when trying to figure out who he is. The older sister then stays up that night, waiting for her blind sister to come into the room to see if they do anything, and notices that the girl walks to the door, but then leaves. (Older sister cries suspecting that they still had something going on). Then at the dinner table it climaxes, because the man stares at the blind girl in confusion, but the older sister misinterprets it as interest or something, and she snaps.

    Other interpretations of this are that the blind girl is metaphorical for the jealously/insecurities the older woman is having. You can never really trust someone cause love is blind, etc. Her young self is reckless/blind/obsessive, all that sorta stuff.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Re: Brown Eyed Girls

    Can anyone recommend a good starting point for their older albums? I love Sixth Sense and the album, but I don't know where I should go next. Wikipedia has no info on their older stuff, so I'd love some info from fans.
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    Abracadabra and Sign are among the most popular BEG songs, the former is probably the best song/video I have ever seen.
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    To be honest I would just cherry pick their older singles to start with, their older albums are OK, but nowhere near as good as Sixth Sense's quality in my opinion. Certainly watch the videos for Abracadabra and Sign from the Sound G album though and check out Hold The Line from the Your Story repackage which samples Sugababes Push The Button.
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    I agree, their albums are really difficult to crack into, it's much easier to pick and choose parts of the albums.
    These are my favourites (not including the entire SIXTH SENSE album, which I recommend highly, along with the Cleansing Cream repackage):

    How Come (어쩌다) - My Style
    Glam Girl - Sound G.
    Abracadabra - Sound G.
    Candy Man - Sound G.
    Moody Night - Sound G.
    Sign - Sound G. SIGN
    Love Action (Rap by Miryo) - With L.O.V.E.
    L.O.V.E. - With L.O.V.E.
    Hold The Line - Your Story
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    This is super late, but I'm pretty sure that "An Inconvenient Truth" sounds a lot like "Littlest Things" by Lily Allen. I could be wrong, but that's the instant connection I made.
  14. Re: Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    Miryo will slay. I'm not sure about her "pretty girl" image though. Everyone a pretty.
  15. Re: Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    I'm just glad they gave her a feminine concept instead of dressing her like a man like they usually do.
  16. Re: Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    Hm, the abracadabra styling was a mess, but I quite like some of her earlier styling. Feminine with an edge would be my preference.
  17. Re: Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    I like her current styling. I don't see it as "pretty girl" more like "sassy girl" or better "sexy woman".
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