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Brown Eyed Girls + Solos

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Me too. I remember reading once that she liked to look pretty and loved the SIGN concept cause it was the first time she actually had long hair, but was disappointed to get it cut short again for the Festa on Ice 2010 promotions (before Sixth Sense). So I'm glad for her sake she can return with something sexy and feminine.
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    I've always thought that Miryo was the prettiest one - until she started messing with her face. But it looks like its starting to settle and she looks great again.
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    Maybe they're trying to Hyuna-ize her.

    I LOVED her long haired look. It made her look hotter than hell!
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    Miryo's house, via Narsha

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    Hmm, spacious.

    I'm so excited and curious to see what happens with Miryo. I do already believe she's talented, her and JeA make a dynamic duo. Seeing her solo is amazing.
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  7. Re: Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo gone solo!)

    Oh thankyou for those! I love her so much!
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    Dirty has really grown on me, I love it now.
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    The video made it for me. Otherwise, I'd still think it was shit. But that last chorus... So good.
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    Sorry, but Ga In in the prettiest of Brown Eyed Gols. Narsha is styled a bit too much like a Drag Queen at times for my liking, but she's still my fave out of the group.

    Who's in BEG again? I know Jea, Miryo, Narsha and Ga-In I forgot the other one.

    EDIT: Oops, never mind, I keep thinking there are 5 members for some reason.
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    Really loving Dirty now, I think the video helped too haha.
  12. This girl group (along side A.S & 2NE1) are beyond my favourite. Brown Eyed Girls were my first K-Pop obsession and will probably be until the end. All the solos from Narsha, Ga-in, Miryo & JeA are amazing - though I do prefer them together.
  13. Who\'s next for a solo project? JeA?
  14. I\'ve heard that both JeA and Gain are preparing for their next solo effort...if we\'ll see anything from them any time soon is another matter.

    I\'ve been listening to again to them most of today and they really are my favourite k-pop group! There isn\'t one release I don\'t like. What are your favourites from them guys? For me (if we just include full albums) it\'s; sixth sense > your story = leave ms. kim > sound G. And then I don\'t think I could even try to order everything, including solos and minis.
  15. I\'d like to believe that \'Abracadabra\' started the \'Hallyu wave\'.
  16. I would just like to point to how lovely Barely is.

    That is all.
  17. I simply cannot wait to hear Ga-in's new album, I know it will be amazing.

    Also, all of the songs JeA has released fit together nicely in a ballad-oriented mini album! I actually play it all the time, but I NEED a solo album by her with 4 or 5 ballads and 2 or 3 strong uptempos to showcase her amazing voice.

    Finally, I hadn't heard Brown Eyed Girls' version of "You Raise Me Up" until the other day and I was pleasantly surprised to hear Miryo singing an entire verse. Her voice is nice and sweet, though she must not sing as much because next to the other three (who I think are among the best singers in K-Pop) she sounds a little weak.

    Anyway, I just came to show my love for Brown Eyed Girls, who have definitely become my favorite group of all time.
  18. I'm still waiting for JeA's solo. I guess she just wants everything to perfect, so she's taking her time, but please we need the full set of flawless BEG solos. I'm so happy that Ga-in is recording her next solo though! I hope she continues with the same kind of image from step 2/4, because it suits her so well.
  19. I think I've lost my big big enthusiasm for k-pop recently but I still want new Brown-Eyed Girls so so bad.
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