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Brown Eyed Girls + Solos

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Oh here it is!!!
    Queens of KPop!!
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  2. My first post needs a severe cleanup, which I'll do soon.
  3. Light, Fractal and Wave are hugeeeee! Brave New world is just okey and the rest is pretty meh!
    I'm mesmerized with Light, it should had been a single, it's so powerful yet simple. The lyrics are beautiful!

    In other hand, I wonder if these girls look back and wonder how huge Abracadabra was and still is. I really hope someday they cease their minds in showcasing how talented,diverse and creative they are and simply go back to develop a proper smash like Abracadabra.
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  4. Sound G album was the best. Every song was BRILLIANT.

    Though I maintain that 'Sixth Sense' is their best single.
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  5. I think Sixth Sense it's quite similar to Brave New World, I mean quite authentic/original, but also I think the composition it's quite similar…. the bridge enters at the same time, then chorus, Miryo power rap and so it goes. I might say though that Miryo’s rap on Sixth Sense it’s amazing. It’s the best part of the song.
  6. I couldn't agree any more right now. I also noted that the vocal effects used on Narsha's voice are the same too. The videos for both these songs have been fantastic. I know that the 'family of sound' Brave New World comes from has been beaten like a dead horse in K-Pop, but I think the girls have brought out something really different with this single. It hasn't won any awards yet has it?

    Also, does anyone know what the man in the instrumental of 'Warm Hole' is saying?

    ALSO, does anyone else dislike the audio for the video version of 'Warm Hole'? It's like there is no oomph in the backing track. Their voices are very isolated as well. The chorus is the best example.
  7. Yes exactly! So glad I'm not the only one who thought the same thing.

    Also, I'm SO SICK of waiting for that second Narsha solo.
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  8. As long as Brown Eyed Girls keep releasing albums, I don't care does solo albums and when. The yearly Ga-In installments are quite nice, with 2 songs to keep from each mini. NARSHA's solo is still the best.
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  9. I think he says: " Would you join me?"

    I'm 100% sure that the effort and unexpected songs these girls have been releasing is what still keeps them current and has turned them in such an icon in kpop. I mean none of their competitors from their Era/time are currently in the scene. Jewelry tried to remain present by doing songs that follows the current trends but didn’t worked out. While BEG throw themselves out there everytime showcasing originality talent and always push some kind of boundary, hope people can appreciate that.

    I came with these thoughts after listening to the black box album. It’s quite good tbh. Mystery Survivor is killer!!
    Now they need to capture a lighting in a bottle again like Abracadabra and they will be eternal.
  10. They need to STOP with shit like Warm Hole. I blame Ga-in. While I love BNW I would also love a bangerzzz.
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  11. I agree. I wrote a long ass post in the main K-Pop thread after the album dropped which basically said although I liked the 'Basic' album, I think they've taken this vaguely retro 'funky' sound as far as it can go - especially when you include Ga-In's past two mini albums.
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  12. Hush was hot though, even if it was just tacked on to their GH.
    I'd like them to move on as well, but I still think Basic is a great album.
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  13. I've been really enjoying Basic in the last week. I like every song, it really is a great album. I do agree, though, that I want to see them go on to do more, I want something earth-shattering to come from them this year.

    They'll be turning 10 on March 2nd! I hope they release something to commemorate.
  14. Damn Wonder Girls Reboot album is amazing. Actually, Wonder Girls is also a band from their era that can still shake this lazy body.

    I agree with the retro funk sound. It needs to go! Time for a proper banger from them. Even though as long as Miryo and Jea are composing and writing I think it won´t happen. Since they started with their own thing, the bangerz and hot shit from them has been losing impact. I was actually surprised when Miryo mentions on Wave, "Leggo" or "LetGo!" which I think its a production team that usually produces bangers and appearently collaborated with them on that track.
  15. Were you guys aware that JeA and Kahi are in charge of trainning these girls from this new upcoming girl group?

    T-ara Dani and 5dolls Chanmi are in the competition. I think this would be exciting!
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  16. Actor-singer Jang Keun-suk serves as a mentor while Brown Eyed Girls' vocalist JeA alongside vocal trainer Kim Sung-eun, soloist Kahi with choreographer Bae Yoon-jung, and rapper Cheetahare respectively in charge of vocal, dance and rap training.

    Fuck that sounds good actually. When does it start?
  17. So, does anybody knows how Miryo is doing on Unpretty Rapstar?
  18. So late but why have i only heard brave the new world now? So strange.
    Nice retro feel. I take it's their last release as group? With Narsha getting married and enjoying her time off not sure when they'll be back. I miss them.
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  19. QUEEENS OF KPOP!!!!!!!!!!! Get out of your retirement houses and comeback111111!
  20. Narsha is the biggest case of cockteasing wasted potential ever.
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