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Brown Eyed Girls + Solos

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. There's so much to update on since the main thread isn't appreciative of these queens dd

    They appeared on Music Studio and performed Abandoned, Wonder Woman, Sign & Hot Shot:

    Abandoned 14:19
    Sign 29:32
    Hotshot 35:00
    Wonder Woman 46:55
    Abandoned again 51:25

    They did Abandoned twice because Ga-in started to cry during her part the first time.


    Wonder Woman

    Hot Shot

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  2. So I heard rumors of them disbanding next year. Is this true? I really hope they won't they are such QUEENS!!!
    Ps.: the tempo on sign was way faster than the original! I was feeling for them for catching some air. Especially Narsha!
    Edit 2: I am so mesmerized by their live performance I was like lure with excitement, especially on hot spot and sign! they are so good at performing live!!
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  4. This is such a LOVELY INTERVIEW and REVIEW!! thank you for sharing!! They seem to have been through a lot together. I really hope they do well with this album so that they can continue promoting as Narsha said!
    The rumor that I read was that Narsha left Mystic 69 so they will be disbanding in 2020! but it was a Youtube comment, so hope it is no true.
    By the way, I really hope they promote Sorrow!! It is my favorite from the album, along with Invitation and Wonder Woman
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  5. I think they released Re_Vive without Narsha being on Mystic Entertainment, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Ga-in also said she would have her solo comeback next year.
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  6. Narsha is so funny, I love her:

  7. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    You missed my favourite ajsnsnsns

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  8. "Narrcia"
    "Jae A"

    You can see under the video's comments that both Miryo and Narsha commented this week so I'm glad they remember it.
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  9. I remember when that CF premiered I was quick to YouTube-to-mp3 download it. I was obsessed. I love that my two faves remember it well.
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  10. Girls I was SHAKING when she started singing Taemin's Want, her voice suits the song sooooo well. God can you imagine a solo comeback with a dark, mysterious, seductive Want concept? I mean, we can only imagine but whew! Thank you Narsha for saving our scalps, I guess.
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  11. Just the thought of a follow up solo release from her blows my mind. Her self titled mini is one of my favourite kpop releases.
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  12. I’ve recently discovered Sixth Sense and it’s honestly one of the most mental songs I’ve ever heard.
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  13. It truly is. I'm a fan of every song that uses this particular sample.
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  14. Queen Natasha DELIVERED 10 years later!

    I loved seeing a new performance to this. I never thought I’d see her do this again!
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  15. Oh My Unnies! She looks breathtaking and this eternal bops still slaps.
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  16. Narsha never bothering to follow up her amazing solo career is honestly one of the saddest things in kpop history for me.
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