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Bruce Springsteen - The Boss Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Because how dare y'all have a thread for something called Austin Mahone but not one for the original Queen of Pop, Mr. Bruce Frederick Springsteen? To me, he's the greatest songwriter (Sorry, Bob Dylan) and the most captivating live performer (Yo Beyonce, I'ma let you finish...) of all time. This is a guy who at 67-years-old is playing 4-hour shows with a breakneck pace & virtually no breaks. The closest things in my life to religious experiences are when I'm in the pit at an E Street Band concert.

    Do y'all remember when Bruce literally invented pop music by releasing Hungry Heart? Or when his best friend & bandmate Clarence Clemons discovered Lady Gaga? Bruce was also the original Queen of using his sexuality to drive a crowd wild.

    All jokes aside, I know there are other fans here & I've fallen way out of touch with the Springsteen forums I used to frequent - so I'd love any and all discussion.
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  3. Honestly the second post of this thread being a tag for me just feels so correct.

    Can I just saw seeing Rosalita will forever be a highlight of my concert going life? The River Tour was truly astounding.
  4. For me nothing will touch seeing Jungleland live the first time I saw him in New Jersey (at the old Giants Stadium). I swear I had goosebumps and weak knees for the entire 9+ minutes. Rosie is always a highlight, it's just incredible to see the entire crowd smiling ear-to-ear and singing every word. The River Tour was amazing. I could never make it through Independence Day or Drive All Night without crying.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Yay at The National, Sufjan, Magnetic Fields and Anohni too.

    (The occasion was an extended interview with Variety about his new album and other recent projects.)
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  6. Very good interview. I don't listen to him a ton but I live in New Jersey so I'm legally required to love him.
  7. I was reading this yesterday and loved his eclectic list - some Kanye, some Sufjan... it's all over the map. The interview is really great, too. Have you read his autobiography? It's fucking fantastic.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Boss was the first cassette we had around the house. King.
  10. I still have a few of my dad's old Bruce cassettes on a shelf in my room. Queens of having parents with good taste.
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  11. Hi Gaga. Please tour again soon.
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  12. New York City Serenade.
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  13. Queen of inventing Courtney Cox.
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  15. King is bringing his Broadway show to Netflix in December and I'm still bummed that I never got to see it live. Every time I tried for Tickets I either didn't make the queue or I only pulled up $700+ tickets which no one was willing to spend.
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  16. I too am from New Jersey, and my mom raised me on Springsteen. She splurged on tickets (not quite that expensive tho) and it was genuinely the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had.
  17. I'm still so upset that I never made it to the show, but thrilled that they've recorded it. Looks like it's going to be great.

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  18. Anyone watch the Netflix special yet? It fucked me up so good last night. I cried quite a few times and it got me into the type of mood that really only a Bruce show can; some kind of euphoric melancholy. He truly is the greatest storyteller of our time. Having his music be connected and essential to so many different parts of my life - my childhood, losing my dad, making my way through high school in a bit of a bubble, going off on my own to university, finding new meaning in his work as an adult, etc. - it really hit me how he had the show structured to essentially tell his life story through each song. No one can capture the insane ride that is life quite the way Bruce does, and so many old feelings came crashing into me like a flood while I watched this; old fears, dreams, loss, love, broken promises, triumphs, failures, and hopes for the future.

    Even if you're not a big Bruce fan, I'd recommend watching this to anyone.
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  19. I’m so excited to watch this later. Literally the two best live music experiences I’ve had have been Bruce concerts. He’s an absolute legend.
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  20. How do we start with Bruce? I started with Born in the usa but do not know where to go next.
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