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Bruce Springsteen - The Boss Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. The review from Tim de Lisle in the Mail On Sunday wasn't so glowing, which is a surprise because he normally has good taste and I often agree with him, 3/5, albeit a positive 3/5.
  2. This is such a beautiful album. I'm in love with it.

    Favorites on first couple listens are Moonlight Motel, Western Stars, Sundown, Hello Sunshine, & Chasin' Wild Horses.
  3. This is easily his best studio effort since Magic, probably even The Rising. Western Stars, Moonlight Motel, Chasin' Wild Horses, The Wayfarer, and Drive Fast all scalped me. Tuscon Train has grown on me a lot, too. I even love the ridiculous honky-tonk escapism of Sleepy Joe's Cafe!

    The arrangements here are beautiful, the lyrics are heartbreaking and poignant, and his voice sounds close to best it ever has - all together, the project is incredibly unique in his discography. It really doesn't feel like Nebraska, Tom Joad or Devils & Dust aside from the storytelling focus; it's very much its own album. The strength of the lyrics mixed with these arrangements honestly has me shook, and I'm shocked that they chose There Goes My Miracle to represent the project (though it works better in the context of the whole album). I'm so happy about how great this is.

    "Pulled a bottle of Jack out of the paper bag/poured one for me, and one for you as well/And it was one more shot, poured out in the parking lot to the Moonlight Motel."
    BRB crying in the corner for 6 hours.
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  4. Moonlight Motel made me cry, too. I honestly like every song, even There Goes My Miracle - even though that one toes the line of too schmaltzy. Luckily that’s the worst offender!
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  5. I'm kind of obsessing over Madame X this morning, but looking forward to listening to this later today.
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  6. Well another great album from Dad.
  7. He bumped Madonna from the top spot on iTunes. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up coming out on top. Regardless, two great albums to listen to and enjoy.
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  8. Madge vs The Boss. Is it 1984 again?

    (I wish).
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  9. This album is so good. I understand why it's not huge on Popjustice, but truly - what a gift. 83 on Metacritic right now, too. Both Madonna & Bruce are killing it.

    My Top 5:

    01 - Western Stars
    02 - Moonlight Motel
    03 - Hello Sunshine
    04 - Sundown
    05 - Chasing Wild Horses

    Edit: ddddddd I realized I posted my favorites above. I'm a bit enthusiastic.
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  10. Hello.

    I know two songs in total by Mr. Bruce, but Youtube suggested Tucson Train and girl_I'm_livin.gif. His discography is huge tho, I don't know where to go next.
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  11. Start with Born in the USA
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  12. I posted links to some of my favorites on page 3 if you're interested! My favorite albums are Tunnel of Love, Darkness on the Edge of Town, & Nebraska. Also check out the new album in full - totally worth it!
  13. tldr; his best are Born To Run, Darkness on The Edge of Town, Tunnel of Love, The River, and Nebraska. Born In The USA is probably the most accessible AKA has the most hits.
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  14. Thanks girls. Does he have some more orchestral leaning songs I can check out first? This gay loves an orchestra.
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  15. Oooh. Definitely check out the new album - orchestra on almost every track. I’d recommend Tunnel of Love after that - softer songs, lots of synths.
  16. Such a beautiful album. I’ve been going back and forth between this and Madame X. Sheer bliss.
  17. One Step Up, Valentine's Day....even Tougher Than The Rest. Stunning low-key Bruce.
  18. Yesssss @ Valentine’s Day. Such an underrated gem & one of my all-time favorites. Also, Two Faces, Brilliant Disguise, Cautious Man, Walk Like A Man...

    All That Heaven Will Allow never fails to make me smile.

    Ddddd. Think we pretty much covered the entire album...
  19. Two of my favourite Springsteen songs are Secret Garden and Lift Me Up, the latter especially. I discovered it a couple of years ago while watching the HBO mini-series Show Me A Hero, which feature other Springsteen songs too.
  20. Oh god, Secret Garden kills me every time. As does Streets of Philadelphia.
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