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BSB and NKOTB to tour together + new super single?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Christopher, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Just Jared is reporting that the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block may be uniting for a single and tour.

    Head. Exploding.
  2. As a notstalgia thing that would be a pretty good night out.

    BSB did some classic pop with Max Martin, and I really enjoyed NKOTB's last album (please don't laugh at me)!
  3. Why would I? The Block is amazing. The middle eight of "Big Girl Now" is one of Gaga's finest moments, and the middle eight of "Grown Man" one of Scherzinger's. The boys sound good too, of course.

    I saw the NKOTB tour 2 years ago, and it was hands down one of the best shows I've ever seen, rivaling only the LA Kylie show as one where the audience was purely overjoyed at simply seeing someone set foot on stage. Truly magical.

    Sad that BSB has lost Kevin, but who knows...if they can make this happen, maybe he'll return for one tour?
  4. Dirty Dancing was my fave song on The Block, and I also liked Don't Cry quite a bit. I used to watch NKOTB's animated series when I was younger and loved it!

    If they can get Kevin back to BSB for this tour, I'd so go.
  5. I do love them both but i don't see a point in them uniting to do a super single, they just aren't relevant anymore and both their recent albums had some awful desperate attempts at trying to be again which ended up being just cringeworthy.

    'One Song', 'Big Girl Now' and 'Full Service' were all amazing from 'The Block' though and the majority of 'This Is Us' was decent to.
  6. The BSB last tour was amazing.
  7. I think you've answered your own question here...separately, a new single wouldn't garner much attention, but I guarantee you a team-up will get them MUCH more exposure in mainstream media. They know they're not relevant, but a nostalgia-driven super single would skirt that very issue, wouldn't it?

    Agreed, there was more than a whiff of desperation surrounding both, but I think a few of the tracks ("Straight Through My Heart"/"Bigger" and "Twisted") stand alongside with and heads and shoulders above their respective group's best output.

    Was it? I really planned on going but somehow I missed it.
  8. Backstreet Boys should have gone top 10 with Straight through my heart. Perfect pop comeback material and Bigger was a briliant follow up, but without radio support your screwed. Straight Through my heart got some on radio2 mind.

    Also, if theyd have picked up on the huge If I knew then airplay, again they could have got a hit.
  9. Straight Through The Heart may very well be Redone's best production. It's shattering. It should've topped the charts both sides of the Atlantic. As for The Block, it's quite simply the toppermost of the poppermost when it comes to boy/manband albums (not that there's much competition!).

    Given that the supposed single has an ounce of musical value, I will buy it. I'm thinking Redone's not over quite yet.
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