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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Since the last album got a thread here, I thought it would be apt for the boys' upcoming, highly-anticipated album to get a new thread, too!

    BTS is fresh from releasing their record-breaking, historic first English-language song, Dynamite, which made them the first all-South Korean act to debut at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also sold a whooping 265,000 downloads, making it the biggest pure sales debut since Taylor's Look What U Made Me Do. The song has also surpassed Psy's Gangnam Style in becoming the highest peaking song on Pop Radio at #9 last week.

    From the album's Wiki page

    Speaking about the album in an interview with Teen Vogue, BTS stated: "An increase of direct participation in the album-making process allowed us to explore more aspects of our music and creativity. Because all the members are involved in the album somehow, there are more last minute changes being made than before, which leads to more uncertainties surrounding the finalization of the release date." According to a press release, the album "imparts a message of healing to the world by declaring, 'Even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on'", and "reflects the thoughts, emotions and deepest ruminations of BTS while working on the album. This new project offers an even richer musical spectrum experience as well as the most ‘BTS-ish’ music yet."

    They've been teasing concept photos from the project the past week

    And are releasing the single from the album, Life Goes On on November 20 to coincide with the album release!

    They did a lot of good performances on American television last month to promote their discography. Pretty amazing performers, if we're being honest! The vocals could be a lot better, but the dancing is topnotch.

    And this was a really cute interview with Jimmy Fallon

    Just recently got into them and I didn't regret it!

    Finally, as an unapologetic Jungkook bias, I hope he gets to sing some great R&B songs on here, like My Time. Even Beyonce loves the song! I still haven't recovered from his performance of it at their online concert (I've said this a million times in the main BTS thread but still true), if I'm being honest. He is just magnetic and the reason I got into BTS. Give this King a chance!

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  2. Honestly, they should hire this Twitter user because this one's a cute way of putting together the concepts!

    I feel like they could've gone more all out with each photo's visual, but let's hope the video and music is good, anyway.
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  3. Oh? We going airplane emoji main forum?
  4. [​IMG]

    Even overrated acclaimed author Paulo Coelho stans

    The new era is upon us! Post your wish list for the new album.
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  5. Also, Hoseok didn’t really stand out to me, until I uncovered him saying among all the Western celebs, he was most excited to meet Madame X herself. At 9:40:

    The meetings in question:

    Madame X is Army.

    Too bad this whole pandemic happened so we don’t get more moments like these. I’m looking forward to the AMAs, nonetheless.
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  6. I love this it’s simple but I love it
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  7. They’re all so endearing. That beat is really promising too, giving me Daft Punk and the overall good energy reflects their personalities so well.
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  8. The boys won big at the EMAs!

    Hey, I guess their English is getting better? Jungkook was trending a bit for being in pink dddd
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  9. Surprised they didn't perform!
  10. Yeah, though to be fair, I hear the show wasn't that well put together, and they're probably prepping hard for album release week promo. Is AMAs the only big promo they have overseas?

    I think it's appropriate to post here Jungkook talking about co-directing their next music video. He basically says he wishes he could've done a better job and given more input, generally, also hoping he could do it again next time. I think he sort of implies he'll be listed as director as a vanity credit though and feels embarrassed by it ddd Him playing with the effects at the end gave me the endorphins I needed today.

  11. BE Deluxe edition pre-order. Hopefully they’ll release a standard version soon.
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  12. I teared up so much watching this!! I'm completely sold on them as personalities now. I love how protective they seem of each other and they all pretty much lost it when J-Hope started crying.

    To the more OG Army, why did they almost disband at the start of 2018 though? Didn't they already break through considerably the year before?

    Amazing that they'd still go further up from that moment and you can't help but still root for them.
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  13. God I block this video out of my kind was a lot. Basically down to how much pressure they were under they didn’t think they were able to handle it. Despite being in the industry for a while they broke through in the West at quite a short space of time very quickly and I feel like that would be quite overwhelming for anyone.
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  14. I really hope then that they're in a much better place mentally now. Even though they had a massive fanbase in the West then, I feel like Dynamite would be seen as the moment it was validated. And I don't think they have any blueprint to really follow for their current success. Most pop stars actually come out years later talking about how they hated their peak.
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  15. New interview with Rolling Stone India
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  16. I need the album cover, though. @Big Hit what's good??
  17. I love how the interviewer is a big fan. It gets me hyped for the new album. Nice to hear they're taking this time to hone their talents in the overall process. I found that j-hope and SUGA had the most interesting answers in this one.

    Jin: This album is like a page in our diary of the times we are currently living in. The album title ‘BE’ represents ‘being’ and captures the honest thoughts and emotions we are feeling at the moment. We’ve included a lot of chill and laid-back songs that anyone can enjoy, so we hope many people can find comfort through this album. I think this album will give us an opportunity to grow further as artists who can represent the current times through music.

    Laid-back bops, it is then! Honestly, as basic as it was, Dynamite was such a breath of fresh air to these ears and visually during these times. Commercially, they may be score to another huge hit if they have a "Love Yourself"-esque song to unleash.
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  18. I think that is the cover ddd
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