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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Yeah the vocals sound fine to me I’m glad throughout the album they don’t sound as processed.

    It’s rubbing me the wrong way how non-Koreans are in any way outraged by this it’s really not our place to say either way.
  2. Jungkook and V’s vocals just sound so unnecessarily processed to me on the chorus that it’s a bit grating, a shame because I love their voices. I love the pre-chorus, too though and I find the lyrics so gorgeous and poetic.
  3. The chart manipulation accusations are a bit....I get not liking the song but they are just that popular domestically as much as it burns people to know.
  4. That critique aside, I mean...

    One day, the world stopped
    without any prior warning
    Spring didn’t know to wait
    so it came without any tact

    Like an echo in the forest
    The day will surely return


    I think everyone can relate to feeling so despondent right now and cheesy as it is, getting into BTS was one of the things recently really helped me cope. I know it'd be naive to think that money isn't a big factor in what they do (after all, capitalism), but I'd like to think the boys also understand how much joy they bring to people, and how it really helps their fans across the world to be around at this time. It's just a homerun that they they decided to come out with a message of optimism that this will pass.
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  5. Who's saying this? They're not even Top 10 on Today's Top Hits right now dddd It's believable to me they're this popular because I'd say they've been the biggest zeitgeist grabbing act we've had in years, even before I stanned.
  6. There was a comment in the main thread and I mean domestically in Korea probably should have made that clear ddd.

  7. I wonder how the critical reception to this album will be.

    Also, given that BTS has been mentioning the Grammys front and center in this campaign.... do you think they got word that there's a big chance they're nominated? Or are they trying to put pressure on the Recording Academy for them to get nominated? I would've assumed the votes have been cast by now.
  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    @An Insider asked for my input whenever I got to listening to it and here it goes dddd it's not complimentary but eh. They already have millions of fans who will say anything they do is good they can handle my criticism!

    • Life Goes On - it's just boring. It's not different enough melodically speaking to compensate for the overproduction of the vocals. I'm far from a ballad hater, by the way, and I'll forever defend slow/mid-tempo songs but this is. Not it.
    • Fly To My Room - sighs. I can't get over how Taehyung's voice is far from what it could possibly be because he sings with his tongue stuck. Yoongi is wasted here.
    • Blue & Grey - there's still something off about the production but this is considerably better. I do enjoy a decent ballad.
    • Telepathy - the beat is SO good. It does get a bit too same-y at one point but it's fun.
    • Dis-ease - should've been a rap line + one vocalist track! But it's also fun.
    • Stay - it starts fine. it's just kinda boring but it starts decent enough but that fucking drop...... and like I don't dislike EDM? I'm a Stray Kids stan, EDM is one of the many genres they dabble in, but BTS' EDM is always underwhelming to me, with the only exception of Euphoria.

    I didn't want to be repetitive but the main issue throughout this whole thing is that the production sounds so off in so many ways. If you compare their stuff to other groups' with a considerable popularity and with a pretty good budget, everything here sounds like it was both under and overproduced. It's like they try to compensate for the vocals at the same time they want to have a stripped back vibe? With TXT it's just autotune turned to the highest level but there's no concern about giving them ~authentic vibes so it kinda fits the production but here it's pretty jarring.

    Overall, it's an okay album. It's another okay album. Nothing here is offensively bad (besides Stay which is........ a choice and Dynamite obviously) but nothing is particularly interesting either. It just sounds like the result of three years of indulgence by the fandom which reassures them that they don't really have to put in any effort whatsoever to sell well. Which I mean, more power to them, but it means having to deal with people assuming this is the standard for kpop artists when it comes to music when it's so so so far from it.
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  9. I really like the album and it's continued to grown on me, but I do agree the production can be better all throughout. Maybe the issue is that the boys and the people at Big Hit... aren't really that big on being musicians? That or they don't have that much understanding of pop music yet, being one of the newer companies on the block.

    With the exception of course of Yoongi and Namjoon, by watching their interviews, it seems to be the passion for performance that really binds them together, which is what I can readily defend them for because I think they're phenomenal performers. I'm hoping that since Big Hit is on a buying spree, they can inject new talent into their songwriting and production pool.
  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Hm, I don't know if it's that as much as it is on purpose. The same in house producers work with TXT and like I mentioned the overproduction in TXT's vocals actually fits the overproduction of their sound overall so they know what they are doing. It's just a combination of wanting to have a certain image but also knowing they need to compensate for the vocals.
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  11. I think with the exception of Fly To My Room it’s a better produced album than Persona and some of 7 teebs. The common denominator being not having as much outside involvement.
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  12. I don't necessarily dislike the Stay drop but... it's SO dated / out of trend? Really didn't expect this.

    There is nothing wrong with Big Hit's songwriting or production team, they have created plenty of fantastic songs over the course of BTS's career. Vocal production can be iffy but I don't care enough to complain that much.

    At one point people have to accept that these are just creative choices, no matter if you agree with them or not, regarding BTS's recent output. This is what they / their team wants to put out and it is what it is.

    This is more like a mini-album to me, considering Dynamite really has no place on it except for them sweet streams. MOTS: 7 has a great amount of five star songs for me and this has... none, so there's that.

    Also this cover art is still insulting dddd
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  13. Oh well, like I said, I really like the project! Could be better, but still wishing the best for next one and will be taking away some songs here.

    Looking forward to the AMAs and GMA performance. GMA, in particular, since I think they'll be performing several songs.

    Impressive given only the $48 deluxe were available ddd revenue-wise, they probably made more. Capitalist kings!
  14. The songs are ok, but I won't be buying this. There's not much to unpack and £50 (on Amazon) is just too much.

    'Telepathy', 'Dis-ease' and 'Dynamite' are the best songs. 'Skit' is just a lazy interlude.
  15. There are rumors that the standard edition will be coming closer to the holidays. That's probably when I'll buy, as well. The deluxe looks like it has a lot of content, though and I'd buy if I weren't saving up right now ddd
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  16. The Skit is cute let them celebrate their #1.
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  17. Aw, I really hope they don't ever change. Yas at Yoongi crying and saying "I'm going to make music until I die." Interesting they had dance practice even though I don't remember they were on a promo circuit at the time, hardworking legends!
  18. This is cute.

    I'm having the best time listening to BE on repeat. I haven't enjoyed a BTS album like this since Love Yourself: Tear. I also think this one of their most cohesive albums so far. It starts introspective and a bit gloomy. Then there's the skit to provide a happy and positive twist, and then we get to the upbeat part of the album, finishing perfectly with Dynamite, the ultimate happy song. There's honestly not a single skip in there for me (well, maybe the skit).
  19. Yeah I was a bit meh on it yesterday, but it’s getting better.

    Here’s a B+ review from Consequence of Sound! I agree so much about Dis-ease, it’s my favorite from the album.
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