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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. I don't know what the drama is about as I haven't watched anything yet but I do feel some type of way about the phrasing at the end here.
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  2. Yeah, he made it worse with the tone dddd he apologised for that too later on, though.

    It was just about a shot moving away from the boys to show Times Square. I honestly hate shots like those too, but the group wasn’t really doing anything interesting in the shot, like choreo so I didn’t mind.
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  3. Do you guys think the GMA performance was live?
  4. Yoongi was still there so it was definitely taped months ago. If you mean vocals, I think yes, it was from the performance itself and not from multiple vocal takes stitched together because while I think it improved, it wasn’t perfect, either. Dynamite was fine, but Life Goes On was really spotty, vocally.

    I’m meh about James Corden, but I do hope they get an interview because they seem to be comfortable around him (he just changed his handle to Papa Mochi). Their carpool was great.

  5. Really? I felt the Life Goes On vocals were quite good. It’s not a particularly hard song to sing like Dynamite.
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  6. I always love her reactions! She delves into the context and the lyrics of the album.

    Also the lyrics to Blue and Grey are hitting a little too much....
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  7. Weverse interview with J-Hope

    I'm loving these interviews. I liked his answer about crossing lines:

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  8. Oh I love this one. So cute!
  9. This was gorgeous!!! Honestly, I wish there were the official music video. There’s a lot of symbolism and vibrance here more reminiscent of the way they did the Spring Day visuals.

    These interviews are amazing, and I’m looking forward to the ones by other members of the group. Dis-ease is my favourite song from the record and I loved Hosek’s (who by the way looks sickening in these photos) explanation of it.

    Where did you get the idea for the theme of “Dis-ease”?
    First, I wanted to get into the mindset that this song is a sickness. When I make a song, I work on the chorus first, and then move onto the first verse. When I had only finished the chorus the song felt upbeat, but I thought the overall theme shouldn’t be too playful. That wouldn’t reflect how I felt. But while the theme of “Dis-ease” itself isn’t very light, when it fuses with the beat, it feels as if the song is trying to get over itself and stay positive. So I threw some scratching into the chorus and put in some “bbyap bbyap bbayp” and then started to think, “Aha! I’d better call this song ‘Dis-ease.’ ”

    It sounds like you have lots of different thoughts about work.
    With my work? Well, actually, I’m not sure. Work is kind of an ugly duckling. Work gives me good energy but there’s energy you get from resting. But someone like me feels alive when they’re working, so I need to keep moving and keep doing. I feel anxious when I stop and content when I go. Every once in a while I don’t want to work, but I can’t not work.

    There’s a part in “Fly to My Room” where you sing, “You can change the way you think.” It’s like you were explaining the past seven years of your life.
    It all depends on how you look at it. Say there’s some kind of food. You might feel lonely while eating it by yourself, but if you forget about your loneliness for a minute and think, “There is no difference in food I would be eating out (with other people) anyway,” then it’s just like eating out. So even though I was stuck feeling lonely at home, I started to think of it as another trip instead. I thought of my room as my world, and delivery food as a three-star hotel meal. As you can tell from the title, I worked on that song by thinking about the way I endured this year so far.

    I wonder who interviewed them because they are being very articulate here, which, y’all know I love them, doesn’t always come out in interviews.
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  10. The extras from the Esquire interview were great, too.

    Not Hoseok pulling a Taylor Swift Reputation STADIUM Tour humble brag tea! But yes, not everyone has that so speak on it, king.

    J-Hope: I actually feel less nervous performing live at a stadium. I felt a little bit more nervous knowing that this was being broadcasted live.

    Jin: J-Hope, born to perform at a stadium.
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  11. Nominated for a Grammy!
  12. I just want to see their reactions I’m so happy for them!
  13. Whether they win it or not, I'm so proud of them. What an incredible road this has been.

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  14. So thrilled for them!!!! Though like I said, I really do think they got a feeler beforehand that there’s a big chance for a nom the way the conversation around the campaign has been recently so Grammy-centric.

    It’s breaking news in Korea!
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  15. I don’t know if it’s the Grammys rush but the album clicked with me today. What I’ll always appreciate about them is they’re not afraid to do something different. Even if it’s not an instant grabber I like never knowing what to expect with them it makes things more exciting.

    I can’t imagine how people supporting them from debut must feel right now their rise to the top has been incredible.
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  16. It’s a grower and a nice little album, the only track I can’t get behind just yet is Stay.

    Listening to it again and looking at the streaming stats, I do think Blue & Grey would’ve been a better lead single choice. It feels like the true Spring Day 2.0 they’ve been promising and on a shallow note, might have been a better contender for awards next year, too.

    I know they wanted more positivity as a lead, but sonically, it’s so... relaxing? And the lyrics really hit so close to home about that empty feeling and days you just want to curl up in bed, just wishing for that heavy feeling to go away... I actually really hope V is okay, too.
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  17. This really is something.
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  18. Looks like they’re performing again on Corden. I’m really meh about him, but I’m kind of living for how much he’s (or most likely, his intern) been stanning.

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  19. [BTS achieves something] > [the usual suspects immediately start with the "boohoo Army bad" low-hanging fruit] > [rinse and repeat]

    Quelle surprise!

    At this point everyone already knows what kind of embarrassing shit Armys (and Blinks) like to get up to, it's like clockwork. Who the hell has the time to care, again and again and again?
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