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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. It’s a bit pathetic to be honest. Twitter stans are always going to be a mess it’s nothing new. Whether people like them or the song or not it’s still a huge achievement as Asians conquering the pop world yet people boil it down to what a bunch of teenagers on an app are saying? Really?

    Anyways another wholesome reaction
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  2. And here's Yoongi's reaction. Poor guy fell asleep while waiting.

    Meanwhile, they're all over the morning news in Korea.

    I admit that I don't even care for charts or award shows much, but I know how much they've wanted this and it makes me so happy to see them and their team celebrating like this.
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  3. Namjoon did mention in the press conference that he does see their success as opening doors for other Korean acts to perform/get featured on the biggest stages. So I can see why their country is always very happy when they achieve a new milestone.

    It’s so nice to see people ecstatic for them.

    Can’t believe they started here, picking up JK from school dddd


  4. Loved this gif, these legends!
  5. I honestly feel with the whole discussion about whether they’re opening doors for other groups to the Grammys, this is a pretty unique situation it’s not like the other MTV award shows that hold less value (not trying to big up the Grammys too much seeing how problematic they are but as they have a committee there a sense of prestige than to something like the VMAs). I do see companies submitting their groups to the Grammys now but in terms of actually getting recognised by them it’s a whole difference story. They’re not that generous ddd. I really only see this as an achievement for them in this situation.
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  6. It will depend on a lot of factors, like how the Korean entertainment industry mines BTS’s success. The Grammys are more ‘prestigious’, but like any award show, they’re concerned with how their nominations/wins are perceived by the public. I’m sure/hopeful the very least is that Grammy voters do a double take of an up and coming buzzy Korean act with an “Oh, but we nominated BTS in the past and that was well received!” at the back of their heads. The boys themselves would probably have an interest in lobbying for other Big Hit acts in the future because they do have shares in the company.
  7. Taehyung's interview is out. These interviews are ace and so... humanizing. I feel like I'm taking something away from each of these that's extremely relatable to me.

    - I do hope he's okay and gotten past that low point he was describing (he says that he is).
    - I just know his Cheek to Cheek is coming ddd give us that jazz album, king.
    - He looks absolutely sickening, as expected.

    It seems like you intended “Blue & Grey” to be a melancholy song. I heard you had originally planned to put it on your mixtape.
    I wrote “Blue & Grey” when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Even the fun parts of work became a chore, and my whole life felt aimless. “Where do I go from here? I can’t even see the end of the tunnel.” Those kinds of thoughts hit me hard.

    Was there a reason for that?
    It was when work was a major challenge. When I’m happy, I want to work, and when I’m happy I can put on a smile and see the fans, but there was just so much work to do. I’m an easygoing, you know, laid-back person, but I was stretched too thin and I was starting to sputter. What I mean is, I was having a really tough time, and thinking, “What’s waiting for me at the end? It’s important to be successful, but I’m also trying to be happy, so how come I’m not happy right now?” That’s when I started to write “Blue & Grey.”

    The songs you make or sing solo on all have similar images: night; loneliness; snow.
    I like nighttime and the late-night air, and when it snows, too. I liked those things since way back when, but lately I feel things like snow and the night air keep me alive. They may just be another part of normal life to other people, but to me, they represent very special moments.

    That makes me think of the ending from “Blue & Grey”: “After secretly sending my words up into the air / Now I fall asleep at dawn.”
    I don’t really sleep well. I toss and turn and get caught up in a lot of thoughts. Even when I turn out all the lights, I can see everything clearly. I close my eyes, but all my thoughts spread wide open. Then I’m sleepy at work, and staring off into space when I’m alone, with bags under my eyes, but if I want to avoid that then I really have to sleep. Except, with the way I am, it doesn’t allow for it. I wrote about that in the first and second verses; a feeling like, “When I’m stuck thinking like this, everything is grey, and I’m all blue.” I wrote these feelings out as a song, and now that I’m thinking about it again, I’m actually over it. I feel a lot lighter. I sent my words out into the air, and now I fall asleep at dawn. You’re supposed to sleep at night, but I’m sleeping in the morning again. So I say “good night,” but it’s not actually a good night. “I pass out because I’m exhausted” kind of thing. It’s the emotions I felt in those moments that I wanted to express.

    What do you hope hearing about that feeling will do for listeners?
    Rather than just some stranger telling them to cheer up, I think it’s better to say something like, “You seem depressed lately,” or, “Seems like these days it’s tough for you to perk up.” “Blue & Grey” is the same: “You’re depressed lately? Me too. We’re in the same boat. Wanna talk about how you’re feeling? You wanna feel better, right? I know, but sometimes it feels like you’re being washed away by a whirlpool of stress.” I want the listeners to hear me saying that to them.
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  8. Hm I just really don’t think the Grammys are that nice, we’ve seen how they’ve treated other really successful poc acts in the past. As much as they deserve this nomination BigHit worked hard like really hard with this campaign. We’ll have the wait and see but I personally think it will start and end with other groups work getting them submitted. Whether they actually get recognised is a whole different story. I realise you’re pretty new to the world K-Pop but I don’t think you understand the level of xenophobia these groups receive in these award shows even if they were to release English music. Sorry if that came off as patronising.
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  9. Oh I love how they intertwined the performances. The airport, the airplane, the bloody re-creation of the Late Late Show studio... God, I'll never get over how kpop goes all out budget wise, we love to see it.

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  10. No offense taken! Entertainment is all about the demand. I feel like if the BTS and Blackpink peak continues for a few more years, they'll be a lot more open to Asian acts compared to even just two years ago. If I'm being honest, there would probably be just 2 to 3 "slots" for a global Korean pop superstar group at a time for a while. Award shows' main hesitation besides their own personal bias is probably that these groups will turn off viewers that just won't give Asian acts a chance at a time when xenophobia is pretty overt in the West.

    That's why I can't really fault the Army for being a wee bit crazy with the buying and the social media engagement (as long as there's no bullying involved) because they know they need to work twice as hard to prove that their faves' popularity is worth the "risk" of turning off the usual audience. But, in any case, the powers that be know now that certain K-Pop acts click with a growing base in America. It'll be up to the other companies and groups to use that and show they can carry the same appeal.

    Probably my favorite Dynamite performance so far, along with the America's Got Talent! The sheer scale and love put into putting this together and the entire Late Show seems to be shook from the effort of it, too.

    Medley-wise, it works so much better to start with Life Goes On and then Dynamite. It just feels a lot more positive. Can't wait for what they have in store for the Grammys. I hope they manage to fight to have Life Goes On in there, as well. That would be a moment.

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  11. There's no way they'd let them do Life Goes On but I also think it's for the better. Wasting a huge slot like that on a song that doesn't show off their performance skills would be a waste. And Life Goes On isn't even a worthy hill to die on ddd
  12. I've expressed earlier that Life Goes On is by no means perfect (but grew on me), but it does work perfectly as a great accompaniment to Dynamite, especially in that James Corden performance. Their concept of "Hang in there, things will get better eventually, and when it does, it will be great" comes across fully there. They probably just need to go more all out with the set for the Grammys, which I think Big Hit will do.

    Literally still gooped by their ambition with that performance. The fact they rented an airplane, a truck and built a copy of the James Corden set... whew, chile. It looked like such a labor of love. The show staff is rightly stanning

    Say what you want about the song, but the effort put into the performances is amazing. An imperial phase.

  13. The level of effort and budget that has gone into every performance is something so be commended.
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  14. They were celebrating on V-Live and they're hilarious, as always ddd. Yoongi said something like "Only people nominated by the Grammys can enter the BTS group chat" yas flex it, king!

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  15. First Dynamite performance without Yoongi. I'm glad they were able to pre-record a lot of the shows with him there. The James Corden show performance was probably my favourite one so far, it still amazes me to see how much thought and care they put into their performances.
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  16. Them showing "Army" tattooed on JK's hand in all its devastating glory and me at my big age, realizing I'm Army:

    I think I spot some new choreo here, too!
  17. Life Goes On grew on me a lot. It’s definitely up there with their best slower songs.
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