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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. I know stans are gonna be like "oh it's so cute they left his voice" but I'd like it better if one of them covered SUGA's bit.
  2. I’m not going to lie I was expecting J-hope to do his part.
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  3. They really prefered a void, instead of giving Jin SUGA's lines. #poorjin
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  4. The James Corden performance really elevated both Life Goes On and Dynamite for me. I just really love the narrative they're telling that things may feel bleak now, but eventually, we'll go back to normal and just dance together again. There's a plug about their next tour in there somewhere (which I'm 100% going to), but as a music fan, I just miss watching my favorite artists in concerts, going to the club after a long week of work or even just vibing together with friends with Spotify playing bop after bop to pass the time. It'll probably become my favorite performance this year.

    I almost feel like with their capabilities in the visual aspect, they're in a place in their career to pull off a really good visual album to better get their message across. It would have been perfect for this one, but I hope they consider doing it in the future, maybe as a big goodbye before Jin and Yoongi have to enlist.
  5. Another gorgeous interview, this time with Seokjin. He talks about the kind of "impostor syndrome" he felt after Dynamite went #1.

    Jin: ...But now, my goal is to live without overthinking anything. Maybe it’s not really a goal but a kind of defense mechanism.

    A defense mechanism?
    As you get thinking, you might somehow undermine yourself. So, as long as I don’t think too hard, I can work hard right now. Maybe that’s why I called it a defense mechanism: If I stop and think about it, I might have too many ways to put myself down.

    But if you imagine someone else were to have accomplished the same things you have, wouldn’t they think they deserve to feel proud?
    That’s true, but I’m also one of seven members of BTS. Thinking about what I’ve done as an individual feels like a burden to me. Up until we finished working on Map of the Soul: 7, I wasn’t burdened but felt, “Okay, we all did a good job. I’m happy with this.” But after getting “Dynamite” to the top of the Billboard Top 100 and starting down this new road, I started to wonder if I deserve any of this.

    But you experienced a lot of big things before. What made you think that way this time?
    I was waiting for the chart position to come out all day, and then right before bed, Namjoon sent a message to our group chat. That’s when I realized we were number one! I was really happy, but something felt different. Maybe it was because we couldn’t see our fans. After “Dynamite,” we got even more love from even more people, and even when I was walking down the street, people would say things like, “I’m a big fan of yours,” or, “Thank you for introducing Korea to the world.” Then I started to think, “Do I deserve all this congratulations and love? That’s not me—I’m not that kind of person.” I got over it a bit, but even until a few days ago, the pressure was so intense that I couldn’t get any work done.
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  6. A visual album by them is so long overdue. I don’t know if you’ve seen them yet but I recommend watching the Wings short films. They made mini visuals for each of the solo tracks from that album which kind of ties in with their storyline that they followed for a while which they didn’t really go into with their visuals this year but they’ve still followed through in other mediums like books and a game they put out. Cinematically beautiful too.
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  7. And honestly, they’re in a place, wherein fans would spend a premium to buy the visual album.

    I’ve seen some of the Wings videos, but I haven’t seen all of them linearly in that way. I’ll check those out later!
  8. My baby's Jung Kook's WeVerse feature is up.

    He emphasizes quite a bit on wanting to go solo. Strangely enough, I didn't find him as relatable as I did with Jimin and Taehyung. You can tell he's very passionate about his work, though. It's a pity because his track, Stay because it's probably the only song here that hasn't grown on me as much. I wish he'd go more on the R&B/pop kind of lane.

    You’ve found immense success with BTS. What makes you want to keep doing more and keep improving yourself?
    Jung Kook:
    I want to show people who I am: how I talk, how I act, how I sing, and so on. And after that, I want to be acknowledged for doing what I like to do, and for people to see what an amazing guy I am. I want to do these things step by step. I want to be appreciated as Jung Kook, as the real me.

    What do you think is the source of that energy—the energy to keep proving yourself, even though you’ve already achieved so much with BTS?
    Jung Kook:
    I think my heart’s telling me to. BTS was able to climb this high thanks to the group members, the company and our fans. But there’s always the question of whether I could receive that kind of recognition by myself, so I have this feeling of wanting to throw myself at some challenge alone. There’s a lot I want to do, and a lot I want to achieve.
  9. Kind of relieved Stay didn’t end up on his mixtape ddd though he does have a love for EDM/pop so...would like to see more songs like My Time and Still With You on his mixtape though.

    I really admire his constant journey to improving himself as an artist and a performer. You can seen the difference within the past and how hard he’s worked to get to where he is. It’s very inspiring especially at such a young age. It’s also refreshing to finally see now he wants to be perceived as an individual rather than just an extension of BTS because for the longest time he would say things like how his image starts and ends with the group and I guess that comes with growing up with them from the age of 13, but now that he’s older he’s finally starting to figure out who he can be as an artist.

    We’re age mates so though I can’t relate to his experience fully obviously I can relate to him in some aspects in trying to find himself and who he is and what his place is in his career.
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  10. Okay I have to get this off my chest because some of the comments I’ve seen have been bothering me.

    It doesn’t really help that ARMYs push their opinions so harshly to the the point of insulting I can agree with that. However, an act to be the first to do something isn’t the same as someone doing it and impact following. I notice that a lot of second generation stans are blinded by nostalgia when it comes to this argument or others just by their hatred towards them. From my point of view. Me saying that BTS paved the way for other groups to make waves in the western market isn’t the same as me disrespecting groups before them. I can’t say the same for others but it’s just the fact of it.

    Now did BTS singlehandedly bring kpop to the west? No, not at all I don’t think people are saying that. And I understand getting defensive over legendary older acts in the industry but if people took a step back and looked objectively at this discussion rather than letting their hatred towards them get in the way of it, they opened many doors for others to make it easier to break through in these territories. Even many of their peers have said the same.
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  11. Well, it certainly must be.... constrictive that he literally grew up with his identity tied to the single group of BTS and from what’s shown to us, the members kind of baby him (which is cute, don’t get me wrong). So he must be at a point wanting to know himself individually.

    My worry for him musically is he tends to show questionable music tastes ddd... wasn’t he bopping to Yummy earlier this year and from what I saw, he had Kim Petras and Bloom era Troy’s Sivan on his Spotify playlist? Somebody please gift him an Usher CD and Prince vinyl at a meet and greet. EDM is the last place I’d put him in.
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  12. I still don’t think I that was him that tweeted about Yummy I honestly think it was Scooter I know they were desperate for that #1 Scooter has a tendency to make other artist promote him obviously using them was a given so I’m holding on to that ddd.

    It will be interesting to see where he goes sonically. I think he’s still trying to figure out his sound but I hope he’s willing to be a little bit experimental. Like as well as R&B I think he’s suit something kind of alternative too. He posted a teaser nearly a year ago which sounded really promising.
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  13. I’m not as familiar with K-Pop history so I speak from the point of view from a mostly Western pop music stan, but it seems to me the K-Pop idol model was perfected before the BTS era. So in that way, the way was paved for them by their predecessors.

    Big Hit struck gold with this group mostly because the members are charming, charismatic and talented. But I will also say BTS and Blackpink came perfectly at a time when the West kind of abandoned the “wholesome” brand of teen pop. My younger cousins from there don’t like a lot of Western pop stars because they’re too provocative and “sexy”. So in come K-Pop idols who offer a cleaner image, bombastic videos and performances with likeable personalities and you strike gold. And the BTS boys clicked the most from the crop.

    I don’t think anyone can seriously take away that BTS and Blackpink are the first K-Pop groups that really broke through in the West, but they owe a lot of their concepts and images to the previous gens and a lot of it to the right timing. In any case, I don’t really see anyone denying their importance, just that the stans are annoying about it ddd

    I’m excited to see next week if Life Goes On really manages top Billboard because that’d be a real moment.
  14. Yoongi's unboxing video of the deluxe package.

    I found it quite pricey at first, but to be fair, it doesn't feel too bad considering the content inside like the poster, photos and photo books. I really like the photo stand thing, in particular. Great collector's items.
  15. I’m glad we’ve still managed to see a lot of him this week! Hope he’s recovering well.

    Life Goes on debuts at #10 and BE #2 on the UK chart! They’ve have two #1 albums in a row previously but had stiff competition this week and with only a £50 physical option so they did well regardless.
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  16. Dd I'm fully in favor of Jungkook serving big pop girl for his solo stuff. The fact that he had Do Me by Kim Petras on his playlist... his mind. I like songs like My Time, but he also sounds really at home in Euphoria, I think he is very versatile both in image and voice.

    I somehow don't see us getting a solo Jin project anytime soon, which is a shame because I love his voice. I'd love to get some ballad-y / emotional tracks from him.
  17. Oh I think he has a brilliant pop voice in fact Euphoria was my favourite solo from him for a while. I honestly think he could do any genre if he wanted to but he definitely thrives in pop.
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