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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. I think it was promoted more as a "teaser"? I really wish they'd get better single and album covers, though. Any screenshot from the music video would've made a better Dynamite cover.
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  2. I just...

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  3. Yeah BigHit’s obsession with them not having them on their album covers of their Korean releases is....a choice. They do on their Japanese albums though? But all I really care about is the music to be honest everything else is a bonus this album wasn’t even really meant to be happening anyway so the fact that we’re getting a new album this year is a treat in itself.
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  4. I don't even necessarily want to have them on the cover, as I really liked the Love Yourself series covers, but a black "Be" against a white background is a new low. I might fuck around and make some alternate covers for fun.
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  5. I personally don't mind artists not appearing on the cover, but BigHit, sis, give us something I couldn't whip out on Canva in 20 minutes. I've seen fans create gorgeous cover art.

    Not to mention, the boys are visual visuals so it's a waste.

    I mean, look at the material, you can be the judge of it.
  6. The way they could be shameless and have a vinyl box set with 7 LPs, each one having one of the rooms as the cover...
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  7. The cashier when I buy multiple sets of Jungkook's room

    Seriously though, I hope BigHit pulls all the stops to ensure a huge opening for them. I don't wanna jinx it, but they should aim for upwards of 500k so they'd be second only to Taylor in opening album sales this year. I'm so... endeared to them right now that I'd root for it.

    Watching this now and now, it's Jimin's turn right now to get the love from me. He's such a crybaby (in a good way)! Okay, I'll admit his voice really is unstable live so I hope he at least finds his natural range with a voice teacher or pre-record his vocals, if it's not in good shape that night.
  8. Is this referencing 90s Korean nostalgia? I'm finding a Twitter thread that explains the references.
  9. I was definitely getting those vibes!
  10. They're getting so good at modelling, teebs. Jin in general.... whew. A serve. Where is @man.tis.shrimp to appreciate this?!

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  11. Today, I received 'You Never Walk Alone' (the pink one), literally a picture of a dirty wall, some drainpipes and confetti. The pictures inside are nice though.

    Since I only became a mild fan this year, it was easy to retroactively settle with 'You Never Walk Alone', 'Love Yourself: Answer' and 'Map of the Soul: 7' instead of 'Wings', 'Her/Tear' and 'Persona'.

    It's a bit weird there's still no tracklist this close to the release date, no? Watch them release 'Be: We Are' in 2021 with 2 or 3 new songs on it. So I guess I'll wait a bit.
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  12. To be fair, I think it'll be a lot of new tracks, given how they are describing in interviews. Whether that's 10 or 13 tracks, your guess is as good as mine.

    I'm a new fan, too, and looking back online and their covers at least really are a bit meh. I do plan to buy the full album package for this campaign.

    In Dynamite news, STOMP. I guess the radio programmers aren't listening to callouts feedback?

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  13. Apparently, the retro concept mostly references an iconic k-drama in the 80s called Reply 1988. So cute!

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  14. Expect the tracklist coming later this week or next week they’ve been leaving it later in their recent albums.
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  15. Be careful, buying BTS albums is very addicting. When I first became a fan I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any physical albums. When "LY: Persona" came out I caved and got a copy to help with sales. Now I own 15 albums and have "BE" pre-ordered. I blame the photocards.

    For me it doesn't really matter much what the cover looks like, it's the photobooks that I care about most. My favourite album is probably "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever." It has my favourite music, my favourite cover, a beautiful photobook and the album packaging looks really nice. My favourite album concept photos however are from the "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2" mini album. I was quite disappointed with the MOTS: 7 album packaging. I was expecting a huge photobook, but it was basically just a box filled with flimsy posters. "BE" looks promising though, it looks like it'll at least have some proper photobooks.
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  16. Would you say the photo cards/books so far are fairly good quality, compared to other pop releases? I do like a good concept, especially with the photos, I’d be disappointed if they feel just like just a bunch of selfies, and as gorgeous the boys are, I’d still get disappointed ddd
  17. It's been ages since I've bought albums that are not by BTS, so I can't really compare, but I think K-pop physical albums in general are of a much better quality than that of western pop stars. It's like opening a gift package.

    I'd say the quality of the photobooks aren't always the same. "HYYH: Young Forever" and "You Never Walk Alone" for example are of a very good quality in my opinion. "HYYH: Young Forever" and "Skool Luv Affair" come in a pretty box, and "You Never Walk Alone" is a nice photobook with a sturdy cover. "Wings" and "MOTS: 7" are a little disappointing. I only bought "Wings" because my OCD couldn't handle it if one album was missing, but it was just a very small and thin photobook.

    Most of their albums have several different versions too, so you can look at the photo concepts of each version to pick which one you want. Or just buy them all.
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  18. Thank you for this! I really hope this photo book is great. The photos so far are cute, but I hope they have something that will surprise us a bit. Honestly, their recent retro video had much more interesting visuals, but I get it’s not on brand with how they’re marketing this album.
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  19. I think the photos will mostly be centered around the room concept, but I believe there are two photobooks in the deluxe version, so maybe the second book will have some surprises.

    Here's an example of the photo concepts of the LY: Answer album:

    Version S
    Version E
    Version L
    Version F

    Just to give you an idea how different every version can be.
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