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BTS - Be

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. This is amazing! Dynamite's #1 debut was great of course, but this being a (mostly) Korean song makes it just a bit more meaningful.

  2. Dynamite also #3 on Billboard this week. Legendary!

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  3. It’s what he deserves! It’s what they all deserve. Yoongi’s response on Weverse right now he’s elated he did say he wanted a Korean #1 and he got it.
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  4. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Of course it's already on the news in Korea.
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  5. The fanbase power is insane. Their next tour is probably going to do huge numbers.

    I really hope they manage to work on their streaming stats overall. I don’t see radio embracing them, unless it’s a fully English song.
  6. To be fair, I think this would be quite difficult (especially if we're talking outside YouTube). Boybands as a whole tend to have a very limited reach beyond their fanbase. It's also a thing were pop music in general is having a tough time on Streaming, I'm guessing it would be harder to get a pop song not in English to do well on Streaming.

    At the end of the day, BTS and their chart performance is quite similar to acts like One Direction or teen pop era Bieber. Where the songs that weren't meant to be Western hits will probably have a huge peak with little lifespan.
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  7. Fair point, though I do remember One Direction did fairly well on streaming with some of their hits. The language barrier is real, but I mentioned earlier Latin/Spanish music was able to find its footing in streaming (Bad Bunny is also slaying this week) with just a few crossover hits now and then.

    Though you’re right they’re more similar to the boy bands, who don’t have as much GP appeal. I guess we’ll possibly see hits with longevity more from their solo ventures. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll transition back to a more hip hop-leaning group later on (since that’s more their roots) and still find success.
  8. I feel the case with Latin music is very different to this specific case. If you actually see where music in Spanish does well streaming wise it is mostly relegated to Latin American countries, Spain, Italy and the US. The main reason it does well in the US is due to the large amount of people of Latin American descent who live there. Korean doesn't have the same amount of people who know the language as Spanish. I do agree with your point that their songs could do more if they were in English or featured an English artist, but when they're fully Korean it is a very different situation than Spanish.
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  9. It’s also the case that Korean as a language isn’t really as widely reached as Spanish is despite the popularity of K-Pop in the west. I know their fans like to throw this term around a lot but xenophobia does also play a factor too.
    Edit: @drod93 you just beat me to it but echoing what you said!
  10. Also I’m regards to them having a feature with a Western artist, having seen with the success of Dynamite I believe that Columbia (their US label) is only really willing to push their songs if it’s fully in English. Even collaborating with Halsey on Boy With Luv who was a streaming giant last year wasn’t enough to convince Columbia to push the song further. Sadly I don’t think that would change now even if they released a Korean song with an English feature.
  11. I disagree on this in parts. I do think that their American label will only be willing to invest in something that would seem an easy return.

    With regards to Boy With Luv, I do think Columbia expected more from it than what ended up happening. Since it actually did decent on Pop Radio. However, the main fault with Boy With Luv (as a means to break through the Western market not as a song) is the fact that Halsey's part is small and it comes towards the very end. I think if BTS were able to get a Western artist and either place their English part near the beginning or start the song in full English, they could get way better results than what happened with Boy With Luv.

    However, I still wouldn't expect the most amazing longevity since at this point, they feel like the One Direction of their times. It's part of the reason I'm doubtful as to consider BTS doing so well as a way to signify that Kpop acts will be all be charting soon.
  12. I think maybe because I have my gripes about Columbia in general and how they treat certain artists is clouding my judgment a bit ddd we’ll have to wait and see. I forgot about the fact that Boy With Luv actually did okay on radio however they seemed to go backwards with On ft Sia it was like a they had a complete radio shut out. I obviously hope I’m wrong and they see how much success they’ve had and are willing to put in the work to promote them radio wise.
  13. Isn't this just the music video version? In the streaming version of the song she comes in the first chorus.

    I mean, I don't think anyone expects a K-Pop mainstream invasion or anything like that, but it does set a precedent for people (and "higher ups") to be a bit more open to the idea, similar to Parasite winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Not just for Korean entertainment, but foreign language entertainment in general.
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  14. To be fair, I don't really know much about BTS and their relationship with Columbia. I only really arrived here, because I've heard a few of their songs and I thought the conversation sounded interesting. Didn't mean to intrude :P
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  15. I am sorry for double posting but I saw your reply after I had already posted my reply and I don't know how to edit that. With regarding to BWL, I just checked and while you're right that she comes in the first chorus, this doesn't happen until you're already more than 1 minute in (and I wouldn't say her chorus contribution is quite meaningful). I'm just thinking that the smart thing both Despacito and I Like It did, was to have the English at the very beginning.

    I just meant with how the media seems to be treating BTS's success as the Kpop equivalent of the Latin Boom of the 90's. Maybe it's just me reading into it :P
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  16. No worries, we’re open here and we appreciate new input to our conversations! Let us know if you want to ask for more BTS song and music video recommendations ddd

    Yeah, I do see your points that Spanish music is more widely used in general in the US. Though on the topic if it opens the gates, I think it will somewhat as more K-Pop artists have been charting and getting invited to American shows recently.

    The smart thing about K-Pop is it’s very visual and personality-based that you can stan in spite of the language barrier. They’re also very much a boy band/girl group culture and that will always have a place in pop music, especially when the West doesn’t seem as interested to produce such acts anymore (and honestly, even if they did, K-Pop are so much better at making them now). I don’t think there’ll be more than 2 to 3 K-Pop acts to break out globally at a time, but the space will be there.

    Yeah, this is a good example. Mainstream gave Despacito a chance, largely because Justin hooked you in on the first verse... with Boy with Luv, they probably switched the station upon the first few Korean lyrics before the song really warmed up. They should think about mixing up the structure of the song.
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  17. Thanks! Sure, I mean, I can never say no to song recommendations. Though, I have heard a few of them. I've been slowly getting into Kpop for the last year thanks to some friends I made on a music board.

    With regards to the opening of the gates, what I meant is that it feels like BTS are occupying the space similar to that of One Direction. I remember that when they were big, several new boybands sprouted but none were able to succeed just because of how tightly One Direction held the market. I'm not saying it won't happen, I just think BTS have a similar grip on the boyband market that One D had at its peak. (I'm not saying other boybands don't deserve it either, as at least from my more limited exposure to Kpop I think most of the groups are immensely talented and definitely excel in departments that the West has been ignoring lately.)

    I do think mixing the structure more than anything, can help their American label or the radio station less hesitant. I'm not saying it's a surefire way to achieve another Dynamite, but I do think it could help, since I always felt that the Despacito intro helped in making people comfortable (especially since it's so melodically different to the rest of the song)
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  18. There’s an entire K-Pop sub-forum you can check out here! Though BTS is a really good gateway to K-Pop. We made a lot of suggestions earlier to welcome @deepheat03, but I think Blood, Sweat & Tears, the Dynamite performances and some interview videos are great places to start.

    I think it’ll be a given only a few boy/girl bands will be “allowed” to smash worldwide at a time because aside from the charisma/talent, it makes more sense business-wise for the industry to just have a few acts on top. We’ll see how the next generations go, though, if there’ll be a permanent slot for K-Pop acts globally!

    There’ll be a lot of pressure on their next era (I mean, three No. 1s in the US and a record-breaking smash in Asia is a tough act to follow, longevity aside) so I hope they really think it through and step things up.
  19. To be honest this is the part I'm most interested in observing. In a way I do hope the boyband/girlgroup spot goes to Kpop, if only for the fact that they seem to be trying things that the west has stopped. Which, to be honest, is what got me into Kpop as a huge fan of girl groups and boybands.

    I do think there is a lot of pressure on their next era, but honestly Dynamite did help them out a lot in Western countries as a sense of having a popular song to connect the famous boyband to (like One D to What Makes You Beautiful or Backstreet Boys to I Want It That Way).
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