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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. It was mentioned earlier that most of us in this thread got attracted to K-Pop because of the nostalgia of growing up with The Backstreet Boys, Britney, *NSYNC, etc! And a lot of K-Pop acts do it so well and you might argue even better. I love my “edgy” and “serious” artistes, but it’s such a breath of fresh air to see something light and entertaining after a long day. I don’t think it takes away from their artistry either as a lot of naysayers say, it’s still art in a different form.
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  2. hahaha pretty much the same. Hope I didn't disrupt this thread too much :P
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  3. Please the more the merrier there aren’t many of us that chat in here ddd.
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  4. Seconded! @drod93

    Legends stanning legends, by the way.
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  5. Blue & Grammy also did what she had to do.

  6. Cute!

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  7. Would "BillboardsCharts" lie?
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  8. Stream Life Goes On so we can avoid an embarrassing second week drop, sis, “3 #1s for 2020” artist stans must stick together!

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  9. Jung Kook’s vocals are very pleasant here and Jimin did a little growl that wasn’t offkey

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  10. Them clowning Namjoon to sing akdkafdk
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  11. Yoongi's wish came true.

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  12. Guess they're not doing too bad on Spotify, after all.

    I guess a breakdown of this will show their domination in Asia and an understandable lag in the West.
  13. Nice to see Yoongi was able to celebrate with them this time!!!!!

    [trans] Billboard No.1!!! Thank you (with our Yoongi-hyung for the first time in awhile )
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  14. Korea doesn’t even have Spotify too so this is a great feat considering!
    Finally got the #1 streamed group though
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  15. I'm honestly a bit surprised they went through with this (even though I mentioned before there is some good reasoning to it). I'm not sure how the public will react.
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  16. Pffffff the way we won. Suddenly an OT7 concert smiles upon me just beyond the horizon!

    Also, this is just a postponement, not even full exemption like athletes and other musicians get, so there's literally no reason for anyone to make a fuss.
  17. Especially people that aren’t even Korean? It’s baffling the amount of non-Koreans complaining about it. Military enlistment is a pretty sensitive subject to the people so it feels inappropriate anyone complaining about it just because a group they don’t like is getting a bit of special treatment it’s not really go to do with anyone else.
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  18. The absolute clownery of me dissing Dynamite every now and then, and yet it still finishes in my Top 15 of this year, in spite of me just listening to it for a month during the tracking period. Maybe life is dynamite, indeed!


    Won’t front though that BTS will remain one of my favourite discoveries this year. I know that the millions they’ve earned certainly helps, but I personally know a lot of people that have gotten through this shitty year with their help. I’m glad they continued to release content and like I said, I hope their honestly historical success doesn’t change them.

    I also hope Jung Kook gets better taste because he mentioned Stay is his favorite song on BE and it just ain’t it. I fear for his mixtape.
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  19. My Time was my top played song of the year the level of taste. Dynamite being my fourth ffff to be fair I was trying to stream it loads so it got a high peak in the UK.
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