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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. To be fair, the boys all do seem quite sensitive so they may expect a lot more from their friends, who may also have busy lives at this point dddd Going all the way to Wembley from Korea for the concert is a huge gesture, though. Maybe that’s projecting, but it’s a relatable thing managing your relationships growing up.

    Anyway, Rolling Stone named Map of the Soul: 7 one of the top albums this year. I honestly find it a mixed bag, but some of my favorites from them like Boy With Luv, My Time, Black Swan are here. Dionysus and Moon have grown on me, too.

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  2. This is the video where Jimin's contemporary dance performance in the white outfit comes from! My favourite part is probably Jungkook's dance to the Save Me remix (I'm still waiting for them to release that remix). I can just watch it on a loop.

    I don't remember them using holograms before, so at least that will be something new.

    While some may be jealous, I think Jin and his (old) friends just lead very different lives now, so it's hard to keep the friendship going. No wonder there are so many friendships between idols from different groups.
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  3. Not me just uncovering this find! We need a collab, Kings to raise the music quality a bitsy (imagine a moodier, thottier R&B track, whew) and for Nashe to pay rent this month. It’s a win win!

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  4. Tinashe was actually meant to collab with J-hope on on Chicken Noodle Soup actually “:(“ but not quite the kind of collab I would hope for. Would love some kind of collab in the future but I lost hope a long time ago.
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  5. And get this: apparently RM worked on a track with Rina fucking Sawayama too.
    I need that to see the light of day.
  6. It'd probably be very JK + rapline heavy (but Taehyung would honestly be a more interesting choice as main vocal to serve as contrast to Tinashe's "lighter" vocals). It's difficult to have something that would fit the whole group's voices (which is probably the challenge most of the time), but I think they could sound good on something like these.

    But especially great on 2 On

    This sounds like a fever dream!!! President Namjoon has taste, as expected. What was the hold up?
  7. Apparently things just trailed off?

    “We’ve actually spoken,” she said. “We’ve written virtually together, which is sort of a bit top secret, but I don’t think anything happened to that song.”

    “Maybe if you guys pester him enough, he will work on it or something,” she joked. “I don’t know man, they’re just so busy that I’m, like, whatever it’s cool that you’re even a fan.”

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  8. What a waste! I guess they're just at the point, where they'd want to make sure each single is a hit. An Ariana or Billie collab would still be great, in that case, but a Billie collab I think can bring something more interesting.

  9. Melon awards! I’m honestly starting to dislike JK’s hair.

    This isn’t MMA’s but here’s an old performance I discovered and really enjoyed today ddd it’s so fun and cute

  10. Now we said it ddd. Chop it a bit, Kookie.
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  11. I think long hair is interesting, but not like this when it looks quite... unkempt. I’m scared he’ll serve us a Shawn Mendes Wonder era soon.
  12. I’m not a fan of the way it’s styled there. Hopefully it will look better for the performance.

    Every time I get reminded of the potential Rina x Namjoon collab a bit of my heart breaks, my two faves. I actually discovered her music because of him tweeted about Where You are a few years ago!
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  13. He would’ve been a perfect feature to a remix of Where U Are. I hope it happens someday.
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  14. On MMA, they performed:

    Black Swan
    Life Goes On

    To be honest, Black Swan started off quite magnificently with JK and Jimin and then, the others were just fine. The other performances were similar to what we’ve seen with a new dance break for Dynamite.

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  15. The highlight of the entire performance for me

    It wasn't as great as last year, especially with a member missing and no audience, but it was still good.

    They also won all the Daesangs again

    Now on to MAMA!
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  16. This made me realize I’d really be here to a Jimin-Jungkook joint project. Their chemistry on and offstage seems stellar.
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  17. I want a Jimin solo project. That face? That falsetto? Gold.
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  18. His voice can be hit or miss for me, but sis, the dancing? The visual? The personality? Asian excellence!

    Down the back, but who cares? Still the Louvre!
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  19. Translation of the Artist of the Year speech:

    Here we go with the hints again. New album?
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  20. They have to stop with the comebacks! They don’t. I’m exhausted in the best way.
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