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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Is this a common thing in K-Pop? BLACKPINK also isn't on the cover of the Korean/intl. releases, but appear on the Japanese versions.
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  2. Hello, 2-3 people that post in this thread (at the moment), and the rest of the viewers unsure of whether this little misfit-looking thing on Main is worth engaging in.


    Today, I am going to discuss a fairly polarizing track called ON.

    Okay, I know objectively, given the context of BTS's discography, ON isn't GREAT. But, let it grow on you and let it give you that buzz. Is that a hill I'm willing to die on? Perhaps so.

    I realize it may have been a bit of a sellout moment to some people, but after a few more listens, you'd just appreciate the urgency of that opening instrumental and how it very strongly heralds a new era.

    The live performance here was GREAT. A South Korean boy group, who started from living in a tiny studio dorm... now closing down Grand Central? In Trump's America? Kind of historic, if you ask me.

    The choreography and formations for this song are a spectacle.

    Jung-kook's vocals on the bridge. Strained? I prefer to call it... impassioned.


    They may be going for some cute, campfire-ready chill bops here, but I wouldn't mind a bombastic track similar to this, as long as we get a few tracks more in line with My Time.
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  3. I certainly appreciate ON a lot when I’m in the mood for it. The production is kind of insane with the choir/gospel and marching band elements! I don’t see how it’s a sell-out moment? If anything it was kind of a weird move to release that on the back of Boy with Luv, their poppiest track yet at that point, and just as they were climbing higher and higher in the USA. ON sounded like radio poison from the get go dd

    Of course, Dynamite ended up concluding that progression afterwards, but at the time of ON’s release it was a bit puzzling.

    I can confirm that this is also true for TXT... hmm!
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  4. I think it might be the case some groups are on their covers though.
  5. I think it's one of those moments where BTS got accused for not being "so K-Pop" anymore? Even back then, I heard talk regarding it as that.

    At the time, I think they were testing the waters on what sound would help them break out. To be fair, I think if BTS weren't seen as a K-Pop boy band for teen girls by the American GP, it might have worked for them in the same vein Can't Hold Us smashed for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It honestly feels a lot more lead single material on first listen, but I suppose the success of Boy with Luv rightly pointed them to the direction of Dynamite. I just hope once they have a couple more radio hits, they'll have enough power to releasing a wider range of tracks so they don't get too boxed in. The boys obviously won't hate on their first, truly global smash hit right now, but I'm not sold that it's the sound they want to get stuck with.
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  6. You honestly worded exactly what I’ve been thinking perfectly. ON gets a lot of stick because it doesn’t sound typically K-Pop. Is it my favourite title track from them? No but it definitely makes an impact especially when they perform it. It’s just the shame that the pandemic really stopped it from being a moment for them as they’d intended it to.

    And yes as fun as Boy With Luv and Dynamite are I’m hoping those were just ways for them to get the masses on board because knowing their back catalogue it really doesn’t represent their sound like at all. If only Blood Sweat and Tears, Save Me or I Need U was released today...
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  7. The biggest roadblock I see with them being able to do that sound... is that none of them play instruments onstage or in videos. Boy bands with guitars and drum sets have more space to experiment with "harsher" sounds, but boy groups who are mainly dancers/vocalists? Globally, people expect bubblegum pop.

    So it's good that they sound like they're trying to get better at songwriting/instruments now, in case they do want to stay together long enough to do a transition as a more "mature" group eventually. Either that or they save those sounds for their solo material or shelved into album tracks the way One Direction did.
  8. I... really don't need them to pander to people that think men need to make "authentic" music and play instruments. As @Superloves said, they can do pop tracks that aren't necessarily super sugary.
  9. ON is fine. Sometimes I use it working out. Choreography is fire but I don't really like their looks on the video, it's all very debut group on a budget.
  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I feel like I have to remove my old, dusty BTS stan card from the pits of my wallet to say On is not a good song and it doesn't come close to the highs BTS has released in the past. The whole trying to make ~serious music to pander to ~older audiences killed One Direction and whereas I don't think it'll kill BTS because the fanbase will suck up anything they release, it'd be a waste when they are capable of releasing fun tracks that are actually good like DNA and Boy With Luv.

    There are references of older boy groups in kpop that release fun pop music that is very approachable for older fans without being the typical ~~~~~bubblegum, you just have to look for it.
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  11. The "authentic" thing is unfortunately how the general public thinks when male artists reach their 30s (it's even worse for the girls), at least on a global scale. Though it'd be great if they can change that. In any case (and correct me if I'm projecting), the boys don't seem the type who'd want this type of fame to go on forever.

    It's cheesy, but given what happened to my other faves, I do worry for them. Two album campaigns in a year is really a lot and from what @Superloves said, they already were burned out in 2018 when it probably wasn't even a third of their profile right now. I just read how Suga cried in the shower after the AMAs and it made me sad. Maybe when Big Hit finds other just as profitable artists (this may be where TXT comes in!), they'd be allowed to sit back and eat their ramen in peace. I'd hate for them to end up as annoying personalities like say, Justin Bieber.
  12. I wouldn’t worry so much just yet. They seem to have their heads in the right place, there’s enlistments to slow things down a little for a while, and to be honest they already had so many historical breakthroughs that they don’t have much left to prove anymore. I think they are primed to mature into a new phase of their careers both as a group and as individuals.

    And yes, Big Hit is investing heavily on TXT (who keeps growing organically with each comeback) and also diversifying their company by acquiring other labels and debuting more groups. BTS will certainly have some of the weight lifted from their backs.
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  13. Okay, but now this has how piqued my interest. Those vinyl designs look promising!
  14. I don’t really think they need to do that to be honest. The music industry is constantly changing and they’ve proved how they can break down barriers through language.

    Also trust me if they were to become annoying like the likes of Bieber it would have happened already. To say they’re humble would be an understatement. I guess it’s part of the culture. They’re not even aware of how famous they are sometimes ddd I guess it’s a way of keeping them grounded.
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  15. Yeah, I don't think their idea of 'authenticity' is similar to Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake. For me, the authenticity of BTS (and other K/J-pop artists for that matter) lies in unapologetically embracing and convincingly selling a fantasy or concept. The video of 'Dynamite' is a perfect example of that.

    The whole room-concept to promote 'Be' is effective, because it's simple and you see the boys and their teams had fun decorating the rooms and recording those voice-over clips.
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  16. Another milestone! They did mention their next goal is for a Grammy nom. Could they potentially get one for Dynamite?
  17. Dynamite and Map of the Soul 7 have been submitted.
  18. What were their category submissions? I saw talk on Twitter that they could be nominated for Best New Artist, which is strange but thatssogrammys. They might be a shoe in for Best Duo/Group Performance, though.
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