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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. MB


    8 tracks? Is that even classed as an album?
  2. Dddddd my little scamlords! But will I be paying for that deluxe, anyway? Maybe so, maybe so.

    "Fly To My Room" better be Jungkook's sexy R&B bop.

    BLACKPINK's impact!
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  3. Looks like it might be Momentarily! If the credits are anything to go by I will be claming this one.
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  4. Aw, if this is the song, I'm glad because Taehyung deserves a soulful track that plays to his strengths as a singer.

    Oh wow, "Introducing Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Director Jeon Jungkook" has a great ring to it!

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  5. I'll wait for the inevitable repackaged extravaganza. I assume there won't be solo tracks on it. It could've pushed the tracklist to 15 songs.

    That being said, if the songs are good, they're good and it can be seen as a nice, solid ep.
  6. Look like it’s this arrangement:

    So no solo songs on this one.

    Yes, the recording industry goes by running time, not just number of tracks. I don’t have the details right now but I researched this extensively in the past to argue with people that call The Fame Monster an EP dd
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  7. Scream! A sis did not want to see The Fame and The Fame Monster album sales receipts combined, I see.
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  8. What skit means?
  9. Basically an audio of them talking.

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  10. I'm kind of meh about Jimmy Fallon as a host (he's a nice guy, just not very interesting to me), but you can tell the boys are the most comfortable around him, among the American TV hosts.

    I think it helps that Jimmy hugs and touches them a lot, and they're all generally big huggers hug me, Jin and Jungkook
  11. Wait, why are they in Pop & Justice and not K-popjustice?
  12. The distinction seems to be a bit outdated for BTS and BLACKPINK, which have managed to break through the international market (the girls should get a thread here too but their album campaign is pretty much finished now).
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  13. Yeah, what @Glitterizer said and I'm thankful the mods obliged and are giving it a try!

    I made it more so out of a suggestion to try to give the album release a bit more traffic on here, too, in case people wanted to give BTS a try (though BLACKPINK would've been more ideal, given the forum's leanings) since they are a huge force in pop culture right now and they do have a highly anticipated EP album coming. No disrespect to the other K-Pop groups, though or anything!
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  14. I was going to post this later, but...

    *BLACKPINK* Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... me with yet another BTS retrospective.


    I fairly enjoyed our little... moment discussing ON last time so I feel like doing this in between the numerous updates, teasers and new career milestones for our South Korean icons, dahlings.

    Today, I'm unleashing this gorgeous gem of a song and video called Spring Day. Warning: this will be a long one. The song is more relevant than ever now, for two reasons: 1) There's a lot of chatter that given the teasers of a more "laid back" vibe, the sound of Be will be a continuation of Spring Day and 2) RM dedicated this to the class of 2020 at their Tiny Desk Home Concert, saying beautifully, "It's been the roughest summer ever, but we know that spring will come."

    And aptly so because the song expresses that longing for light. The melodies here are, in my opinion, some of their strongest. I also love the back and forth between the rap verses and the chorus. The power ballad hook sort of builds on the sentimentality and the rap verses keep it from sounding too trite and calculated. While the song speaks on holding on, the video in contrast expresses the ache and courage involved in letting go.

    Spring Day's visual is loaded with symbolism and mythology so I do get why OG fans are yearning for this BTS. In one setup, they show a hotel called Omelas, a reference to Ursula Guin's short philosophical piece, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas." The story follows a society that lives in a false sense of Utopia, but in exchange, one child suffers to maintain the balance. Some citizens choose to walk away once they learn of this injustice that ensures their happiness, while some remain to stay and become apathetic to it.


    There is a pervading sense of loss and coming of age not only in this video, but in the entire BTS brand. If you follow them closely enough to watch their reality shows and specials and let it click with you, you'd realize that their charm lies in their seemingly eternal innocence and adolescence.

    It's the timeless story of boys from different walks of life, who started out with just wanting to make music, became closer than brothers and somehow, ended up conquering the world. @Superloves said that we love them because they're real. Truly, they cry on stage, talk about their own struggles and dedicate their success to their fans and each other. On paper, it sounds extremely cheesy, but when you watch them, it is utterly magnetic.

    You can almost see why the fanbase is notoriously one of the most passionate fanbases of this era: they want to maintain the narrative of these modern day Peter Pans moving to new heights, while maintaining that same innocence. Because God knows sometimes, we need to see harmless, good guys succeed.

    I don't know if their young fans can truly grasp the feeling of growing old, of holding on to the nostalgia of your youth because it's safe and familiar, but knowing it's not what you should be keeping anymore. But, I imagine it'll hit them when this song plays as the finale at the BTS reunion concert maybe 10 years from now when they realize they've outgrown their idols, and their idols want to move on, too. I'm sure it's happened for most of us in this forum... and this video was a stunning visualization of that, almost prophetic in a sense for what will happen to their own fans.

    It has an overarching feeling of mortality, perhaps because the heavier interpretation is the allusion to the Sewol-Ho tragedy in 2014, where 304 passengers died, including 250 High School students from Danwon High School, Ansan, South Korea. Indeed, one moment had Jimin in front of the sea with a pair of shoes in hand; a possible reference to the aftermath of the disaster when people left the victims' shoes in front of the sea.


    "You know it all, you’re my best friend. The morning will come again. No darkness, no season is eternal."

    I know the #1s, the awards, the record breaking social media engagement will forever be talking points, but I hope it's moments like these that really define BTS's legacy.
  15. Was posted in the last thread but I guess I’ll post it again here if you want to get to know their personalities a bit more, it’s also a little more recent.
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  16. They look like absolute superstars.
  17. Life Goes On debut at the AMAs!
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  18. They better serve more budget here than the VMAs!
  19. Jimin also just went live on YouTube. A brief translation thread
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