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BTS - Be

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. This is so frustrating
  2. I don’t think they look tired but they certainly sound tired.
  3. New avatar is my current bias Mr. Min Yoongi! Found this on Twitter and okay, fangirl warning, this brightened my whole ass day.

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  4. Gets me every single time
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  5. How he can go from being like this to Daechwita and Shadow, the duality is devastating me

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  6. Shadow is legit one of my favorite BTS songs. That chorus. Those lyrics. The fucking switchup at the end. Amazing.
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  7. Now we’re on a Yoongi love fest can we talk about how he at the hell up in Daechwita? The budget, his acting he served and then some
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  8. I screamed like a little girl at the slowdown part the first time I watched it akdjsk
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  9. You can just see the fire in his eyes that he both wants to do this track and he wants to prove something. It’s nice he got a sizeable budget for this and the Jin/JK cameos was also so cute. I hope we get the same budget for the other boys’ solos as well.

    The smirk at 2:16 is what did it for me.
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  10. I really wasn’t expecting that kind of production for a solo but obviously they have the funds to splash out now. Also the fact that he practiced that sword dance one day before they shot the video? The dedication, one of my favourite music videos of by them.
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  11. Never saw this before and I’m aptly gagged

    Here’s the winter package this year

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  12. I can’t at how baby faced and adorable he can be. Truly devastating, if you ask me!

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  13. OH MY GOD, they are giving me Satans in the desert testing me!!!!

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  14. I'm in love with the winter package photos. I wish they were for their next album, they give me HYYH vibes.
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  15. I was thinking the exact same thing! A more grown up version. They’re some of my favourite concept photos too.
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  16. Their global power is astounding.

    Also, their eternal classic was featured in a new TV show.

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  17. Jungkook’s extensions though.

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  18. ~Just One Day appreciation post.~ This came up on my recommended on YouTube randomly and it one of my favourite songs by them. I’d love them to do another 00s inspired R&B ballad again
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  19. Ugh, the styling is just so distractingly not it ddd but at least it helps me appreciate their glo-up now. I know they’re still young, but they really aged so well. Not the same can be said for a lot of child stars, especially successful ones. The choreo and sound is giving me SHINee!
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