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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. I wasn't even a little ready for Motorcy-kook.
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  2. Rough? Meaning a bit more DIY-looking? I hope not because I really prefer when they go big with their vids.

    Anyway, Jimin wasn’t the first guy who caught my attention in this group, but he looks so cute with this hair and styling.

    Honestly, his tendency to cry a lot is so attractive ddd
  3. I’ve mentioned this before but the whole reason why they’re making this album is to reflect what’s happening in the world right now. As everyone is stuck at home they used this as an opportunity to be hands on more with this album they’ve been hinting at a more stripped back release since they first announced they were releasing one so I wasn’t expecting Wings level eleganza. They’ve talked about it in their YouTube streams. I’d link them but they’re quite long.
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  4. Share them, sis! Or maybe PM me ddd
  5. Might as well share them here in case anyone else is interested ddd

    I think these are the ones where they talk about what the general vibe for this comeback will be.
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  6. Okay, I have some things to unpack here.

    1) In the 2004** BTS video, I love how everyone's so dressed down, while Jungkook is serving a look for the gods ddd what an ensemble moment.

    2) I can't help but feel so proud of how the boys are coming onto their own and taking more reigns behind the scenes. It's a stark contrast to the almost reluctant attitude they had towards fame in the 2018 videos I watched. It's also nice that BigHit is really encouraging them to be more hands on and learn new skills. In that way, the process becomes more interesting to them and they can branch out more into other avenues. A melancholic feeling of "I've achieved all I can already" can be remedied if they're encouraged to be more creative and their love for learning is nurtured.

    3) I am a bit concerned about how their go-to is showing a lot of their lives for their fans. I love the content, but it really runs the risk of oversharing and I hope they know that they should keep some of their hobbies and outings for themselves. Don't they already have multiple variety shows and reality shows?
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  7. Get that promo
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  8. Will "BE" beat those in 1 month?
  9. I think it will most likely outdo MOTS: 7, not sure about folklore. Are MOTS’s pure sales mostly front-loaded?

  10. New looks from this:

    Yoongi may have made some points with that mullet. Korean nostalgia would actually be a great concept for a whole era. They get to serve looks and play new characters aside from themselves. The whole vibe is also bright enough for a mass audience, while bringing South Korean culture to a world stage.
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  12. Their domination is insane, I’m so proud of them!

    This is late, but I’m also glad to see Jimin saying how happy he was to be involved in the process of BE. I guess it’s a much “quieter” time for them than being on the road nonstop. It must be a bit of a relief to get back to focusing on the music a bit more than the promo and press cycles.
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  13. Crying! Their unprecedented rise to the top of the global industry is just so... inspiring. It feels like such a moment, along with Parasite winning this year, for their culture to be recognised. A true cultural reset. Apparently, they’ll be on the cover of Wall Street Journal, too!
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  14. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF help they look incredible! Apparently, the mag's pre-order has crashed.
  15. The article's great, though behind a paywall (yes, I paid anyway dddd the new power they have over me).

    I found this part so cute:

    V wanted to be a singer since his childhood, possibly influenced by his father, who had dreamed of becoming a star himself. (“Tae-hyung’s father is super-talented,” Jin says, referring to V by his real name.) Jin grew up in an entrepreneurial household. “My family is all in business, so they’re all good speakers,” he says, and V jumps in to note, “You’ve got your mom’s way with words.”

    J-Hope was born in Gwangju and raised by his father, a literature teacher, and a “strong-willed” mother who once ran an internet cafe. “I used to wonder how I could dance,” he says, referring to how no one in his family danced or sang. (“His dad’s quite strict,” Jin adds.)

    I was a bit cynical on boy groups' closeness being manufactured, but them spending time and knowing each other's families is just so pure.
  16. Lee Ji-young, a philosophy professor at Sejong University in Seoul, a self-proclaimed ARMY and author of BTS, Art Revolution, says BTS’s success in the American music industry holds historical significance. “This shouldn’t be seen as just a victory for South Korean singers, but a paradigm shift in America’s racial and linguistic hegemony.”


    Also, I find this part really interesting. They each submit melodic lines and the best get combined together into a singular song?

    For their new album, BTS members had made separate bids to feature melodies they had written as the album’s lead song. Jimin describes that process as “painstaking and tearful.” Jung Kook points out that the members weren’t just competing against each other, but against other composers who also submitted attempts to Bang. Jin alone sent him three different melodies. Suga made it to the finals. RM, though, chose to sit this one out. “The competition was too fierce,” he says.
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