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BTS - Be

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. It is now the 13th in Korea, which means it's been exactly ten years since Namjoon and Yoongi, the first two members of BTS, started living together. I'm sure this is a thrilling day for Yoongi, as he always likes to remind us exactly how long they've been together.

    I thought I'd take this time to share my favourite moment of theirs, crying together backstage after winning their first MAMA Daesang in 2016.

    It's been a long road for them, but look at where they are now!

    Happy Namgi day.

  2. It’s a little strange that their still doesn’t seem to be a standard version available to pre-order for BE...
  3. One of my favourite duos in the group. Stream Strange and Respect!
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  4. It'll probably be announced after the deluxe version is released. I was going to wait for the standard version, but of course I caved.
  5. I don’t know if I can justify £50 for an album of 8 songs especially if I don’t know what the pictures look like ddd I think I’ll hold out for a bit.
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  6. I don't blame you! I mostly buy it for the photobooks anyways. I really like the rooms concept, so hopefully they'll be good.
  7. I’m honestly at a point where videos of them crying make me cry, too ddd I love how unapologetically emotional they are. Well deserved too because Wings is a great album I really hope they’ll always be close and don’t have a falling out, like many of the iconic boy groups.

    I mentioned earlier their interviews always seem to be meh, but like most artists, if you give them good questions about the music, they really step up. I found this gem last night

    Some takeaways:

    1) I notice they pretty consistently say that 2018 was a low point for all of them mentally and emotionally.

    2) They also mention putting in so much preparation for the ON choreography and performance (ON apologists won!), and were very excited for the Army to see it live.

    3) Okay, Dynamite may be basic, but I do love how Yoongi felt the recording sessions were healing for them, too. I’ll double down that in spite of its imperfections, the band’s charm really comes through in the track.

    4) I’m sure at this point in their career, they’re doing everything strategically, but I appreciate their mission statement of providing some escapism and joy with their music and videos in these hard times.
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  8. Speak on it, King!

    And while I know it’s a branding thing for the West and “a high honour” to be compared to the Beatles, given how problematic 1/2 of them were with John being totally irredeemable for me, yeah I really hope they won’t be anything like them.
  9. Yeah the Beatles comparisons are getting really tired.
  10. Remember this bop?

    The very cool and faded BBMA performance?

    The Halsey interactions (with the momentary Jimin shipping)?

    Based on their interviews, they met at the BBMAs two years before. When Halsey was on tour in South Korea, she contacted them to meet up and put it together. We stan a businesswoman, Taylor taught her well! But, joking aside, it seemed like both a business decision and a genuine admiration because she (and Taylor) watched their music videos before that, and were blown away. It was cute to hear that it was Halsey's first time to really dance in a music video and the boys stayed with her all night to make sure she was comfortable.

    As for the song, it's in the same vein as Dynamite, but objectively better. For one, the vocal takes here are more "polished" and pleasant to listen to. There's a lot more scale and meat on these melodies. I personally love Jungkook's "oh no"s interspersed with J-hope's rap. Pop perfection! Just when you think the song's about to end, King RM serves a very competent rap, which makes the song feel... so complete? He really served showman during this part in the music video, too.

    We most likely won't be getting something as sugary as this on BE because Dynamite probably fills that role. Had this been in English, I think this would've been a bigger hit and served more longevity. Still, it was loved enough to get a platinum cert and recently, a billion views on YouTube. I personally know a lot of fans who were converted by this song, and even as a casual back then, this was on my driving playlists.
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  11. Another stream (from September) this seems to be from when they had a first look at the physical album. We find out who was in charge of what here only 6 minutes this one
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  12. Dddd I love them and I don't know if they're just being humble and playful about it, but it does sound like their names were put on a lot of things for the sake of being a marketing talking point for this album. Or maybe they just submitted ideas and photos and the Big Hit team just found a way to build it into something cohesive and they don't initially realize that was from their input?
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  13. That’s honestly probably the case the general vibe they’ve given off this whole process is that they each had a task and submitted ideas to the company to give them the OK for it.
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  14. The guys have already had some practice last year:

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  15. Well, at least they're not overselling it and are honest, other artists would be more pretentious about it. I don't really don't care as much about as much about the writing credits, given they're great performers. But, Big Hit knows exactly what it's doing, finding a way to market it as written and produced by the boys without really lying that they had input.

    I'm guessing Yoongi and RM are the most particular in writing and producing their own stuff, though maybe the way they went about this album got the other members more interested in the process, too.
  16. That's a chaotic looking lineup, teebs but yay for them and I welcome seeing my girl Ciara getting booked on any stage.

    I honestly think they're a shoe in to perform at the Grammys next year... aren't they going to end up being the best selling artists this year globally with Dynamite, BE and Map of Soul: 7? I wonder how much of a possibility is the Super Bowl in their future.
  17. I can’t see it happening by themselves, but they could be invited to feature with some #straight American act.
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  18. Probably. Honestly thought about it with the recent The Weeknd announcement (who they should reach out to collaborate with, by the way, he could really bring out Blood, Sweat & Tears era BTS). I guess I'm thinking cause a few years ago, even morning talk shows seemed like an impossibility and they seemed to be viewed as the "quirky, obscure guest of the week that you guest on Ellen." Now, they're pretty much a must for every music awards show.
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  19. I know what you mean, it's just that Super Bowl is distinctly mUrIcAn compared to other events.
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  20. Yeah this isn’t some typical award show and the audience it has....let’s just say they’re not the most open minded I’m just thinking back to when Beyoncé did Formation.
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