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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. IFPI’s Best Selling Act of 2020, who recently lost to K-Pop acts Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga at this year’s Grammys, is reportedly threatening another release this May

    May the beauty power of Min Yoongi give us better music this comeback!

    It’d be interesting to see how HYBE’s acquisition of Ithaca will impact this era.
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  2. I do wonder if it will be an English song or mostly English or if they hope that the success of Dynamite would make them more inclined to push for a fully Korean song who knows.

    As for music? I’m not going to lie I would love another Mic Drop type song sonically especially since how much they’ve achieved they’d have more to brag about nn but they never do the same thing twice they even said so themselves so.... I just want a song that’s very BTS at it’s core give us a sassy bop that made me fall in love with you kings!
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  3. Yoongi said their next goal would probably be the Super Bowl so I think we’re in for another English track so they can rack up enough hits for it.

    Personally, I think they should go R&B, all of their attempts at it like 134340 and My Time have been stellar, and a track like that would give everyone space to shine, most especially the underutilized rap line from BE. The genre is also getting a huge resurgence right now.

    Also, this was so cute

    I love how it seems they’re all pretty tight with each other’s families (this apart from Jung Kook doing that impression of Yoongi’s father). Run! BTS really allows them to show their dynamic more comfortably.
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  4. R&B Bangtan is way overdue a return they’re at their best when they tap into that genre.
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  5. He is too cute
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  6. Why is he dancing like that to a nursery song ffff
  7. I don’t know if y’all pay attention to the TinyTan, but the last ad is so cute. They copied all the boys’ mannerism to a T:

    Also makes me realize how unique each individual member really is

  8. Passed out and woke up in this brb
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  9. So we have a date.
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  10. Big Hit still doesn't want to confirm it though, no? It's pretty clear they're going to be launching at the BBMAs, which is honestly a strange choice considering historically, the BBMAs don't give songs a good boost. A VMAs debut would've been bigger.

    Anyway, the BTS, The Best photos are out and they all look gorgeous... way better than the BE photo shoot, in my opinion.

    Min Yoongi needs to stop doing me like this, but objectively, the standout is Jimin? He's really working that college boyfriend look
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  11. A classic BigHit move it happens every time. If they say it’s not confirmed that’s basically a confirmation fff I think they probably do it for anticipation but we know the game by now.

    I guess it’s like a tradition for them at this point as they’ve been performing at the BBMAs for the past three years but a switch up would be nice. I would also like a BRIT Awards performance seeing as they’re nominated but is this just me wishfully thinking?
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  12. I’m about an hour late nn but BangBangCon is happening now. They’re currently performing BTS Live Trilogy Episode 1
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  13. I'd forgotten how good the 5th Muster was. This setlist is everything.
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  14. Haven’t watched the whole yet, but they are so cute
  15. Ah you can’t replay it but I know there are links online from ages ago.

    Also they spoke Portuguese at their ending ments at the Brazil concert <3 @Glitterizer
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  16. I’m looking for links to the concert online, but haven’t really had the time this weekend ddd

    Anyway, this thread made me so happy

    I gravitated to Jung Kook and V at first, but I’m really loving Jin and Yoongi’s personalities the more I watch them. A lot more chill and an unexpectedly thoughtful pair.
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  17. ...
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  18. Me: This capitalist dystopia! The draggings we’ll be getting for being the literal McDonald’s of K-Pop! Giving the Chrom#ADtica era a run for their money!

    Also me breaking my heel to the nearest McDonald’s when it comes with a Yoongi photo card:

    In all seriousness, I’m surprised McDonald’s invested since they’re not known for hiring high profile endorsers. Get money, I guess!
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  19. Well they have teamed up with artists before so it’s not new they’re just the biggest. Get that bag I guess?

    Not the UK not getting it because of strict EU food laws
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  20. Ok, but the audience wants a photocard??

    They’re also singing here

    So I guess Yoongi was dropping as an McDonald’s Scrambled Easter egg here

    The way this campaign made me crave and want to order McDonald’s breakfast tomorrow....
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