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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. Welcome!

    Jungkook’s My Time performance was what did it for me and it all took for me was a week to stan. My bias turned into Yoongi, but I genuinely like/love all of them. Jimin’s so seeet and I honestly find him the hottest for some reason when he tried to be. They’re all so talented and have a lot of great songs and videos in their discography. What have you been watching? Just post here if you want recommendations!

    Excited for the next comeback which is imminent. Our Army group here in PopJustice is a lot more chill than Twitter, which I like.
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  2. Hmm.
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  3. Sounds like kitchen noises? I'm reading some theories that this could have something to do with their McDonald's collab.
  4. Wouldn’t they have a bit more self awareness that the fans are on edge waiting for either KTH1 or their next comeback so a countdown might trigger people? Dddd we’ll see
  5. It’s for McDonald’s isn’t it nn
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  6. Oh wait
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  7. Please be good
    That last sentence better mean it’s a return to form.
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  8. I don't know if it's because I did the 3rd Gen rate recently, but I thought of Mamamoo ddddd I'm so nervous, it has weird energy so far, but I hope i'm proven wrong.
  9. It’ll be in English.
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  10. Album out in June
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  11. I don't have a very good feeling about this song (and I'm disappointed it's in English again), but I'll try to keep an open mind I suppose.
  12. It being in English doesn’t surprise me as they’re really gunning for that Grammy. I’m having no expectations at the moment because I don’t want to set myself up either way. We’ve not even heard a clip yet nn.
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  13. Even in Korea their all english song was bigger than most of their previous singles so it's a wise move for sure as they really want to reach the biggest audience they can. Looking forward to this. The press release gives Dynamite 2.0 but perhaps less in your face.
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  14. At least the pictures are pretty much guaranteed to be cute!
  15. I don't think another all-English single was ever in doubt was it? Dynamite was so successful and managed to boost the fanbase even more. I wonder whether they might adopt a more regular strategy of an English lead single with most or all of the rest of the album being in Korean.
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  16. The Grammys and Super Bowl are their next goals so I’m pretty sure we’re in for more English singles. Honestly, why don’t they just have all English albums and then all Korean albums, all Japanese albums, etc? That’s what Shakira and Celine do.
  17. I wonder whether it has something to do with them not being up to writing English tracks and they don't want to release whole albums with less creative input?
  18. I don’t really see them ever doing an all English album to be honest they take a lot of pride in having this much success in doing so without having to do that. And I could honestly life without that to be honest.
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