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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. This would make for an interesting and bold song concept for them, but unfortunately, I don’t see them doing this dddd if anything, this concept could be more album track than lead single.
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  2. Butter does seem like a very very random word to base a song around, so I can see it being a wink wink nudge nudge reference, even if the lyrics aren't directly talking about it.
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  3. What did the tweet say?
  4. That "butter" is Korean slang for things that are too westernized/americanized.
  5. Hmm...well they’re not one to shy away from throwing a bit of subtle shade in their songs but we’ll see.
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  6. Also ffffff

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  7. I'm not sure that tweet was true. I'm sure we'd have already heard that slang thrown around plenty before this moment.
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  8. Producer Min Yoongi, my knees are buckling
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  9. Namjoon collaboration with eAeon dropped

    His verse translated

    It’s a really pretty song, love the synths and how emotive he sounds on it.
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  10. I don’t know if that was the intention, but he sounds so sexy here.
  11. I really like it, makes me want to listen to 'mono' again.
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  12. Let the speculation begin! There seem to be nods to the HYYH era with a kind of 90s vibe? If it’s 90s though, they’re a bit late to the party because 00s are the bigger thing right now.
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  13. Producer Min Yoongi

    I get devastated with every clip of him getting compliments for his productions
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  14. Every time you post this before the tweets load I keep thinking that the credits have dropped and he’s on there don’t get me excited dddd
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  15. Oh this is fantastic. And he really does sound awesome.
  16. Not sure if you’ve heard his project mono but you should definitely check it out! It in a very similar soundscape if you enjoyed this.

    Normally when they release collabs with other artists I maybe listen to it once or twice after release but I’ve actually played this a lot.
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  17. I'll be definitelty checking it out, thank you for the recommendation. I've been taking my time with getting to know their discography so there's always stuff to unpack which is great especially when we still have a few weeks before their comeback!
  18. I’m more intrigued than ever now

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  19. Maybe they are actually going to do something more synth wave? This is quite far theme-wise from their last teaser though, which isn’t like them.
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