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BTS - “Butter” + 10th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by An Insider, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. They used a royalty free track or they’re sampling this but knowing BigHit’s teaser history it’s going to sound nothing like this ddd
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  2. To be fair, their visuals tend to express the music’s vibe well, like with BE. Visually, it’s giving me 1975, which could be a good thing? I just can’t imagine all 7 of them on a sound like that.
  3. But now, we said it.
  4. Does JK have blue hair or is it just the light?
  5. King

    I think last we saw him, it was blue, but fans are speculating one person in BTS has purple hair from Namjoon’s selfie.
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  6. The third picture is from a few weeks ago so the concept clip must have been filmed a while back when he had blue hair

  7. Ummmm


    Isn't Yoongi quite capable as a singer, too? I really hope he gets more parts and a bigger role next comeback.
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  8. He’s been taking singing lessons recently! He’s improved a lot and in the future he’d like to tap into folk/rock for his solo stuff. I’ve noticed he’s been doing more melodic parts lately which is cool.
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  9. Honestly, I already got sold by the video the moment he went ":]" WHAT HAVE I BECOME

    Anyway, it looks like we really shouldn't trust teasers because this was the music for the Blood, Sweat & Tears teaser

  10. He's so pretty, I'm crying. And okay, if they're all going consistently with this vibe, my prediction really is a 1975/Jack Antonoff-esque production, though I don't know how that'll sound as a BTS track.
  11. Sis, don't do it to yourself. Just pretend the track is exactly the opposite of all the teasers.
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  12. This edit though
  13. Taehyung is literally one of the most drop dead gorgeous faces in the world. And he 100% knows it. Ugh.
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  14. Pink Joon and Purple Jungkook

    Isn’t this the third time Jungkook changed his hair this year? The man’s scalp!
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  15. He’s changed his hair more this year than he has in his entire career compared to the other members dd
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  16. Christ I hate Jungkook's purple hair so much ddd But J-hope's blonde is so hot.
  17. I’m happy pinkjoon made a return.
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